DeploraPalooza! with Charlie Bebus

Welcome to the Show

We start off the evening with a review of the Trump Rally on Friday the 21st here in Las Vegas. We were there to advertise our show, and got a decent response. Jim was impressed with the diversity of the participants. Melanie loved that everyone was so upbeat and pleasant. Jim inadvertently got outed as a Trump supporter. Well, so be it, then! Jim now officially backs The Donald for President. (Screw it, Jim’s acting career was flagging, anyway.)

Our Special Guest

Tonight’s guest is the founder of DeploraPalooza, coming to Vegas this March. This fine gentleman has assembled a summit of conservative YouTube celebrities, comedians, and singers, along with several surprises! (No, we don’t know what they are either; his lips are sealed.)  Sharing the mike tonight is Everyone’s Favorite Uncle Charlie, Charlie Bebus! Listen in to find out how you can join in the fun. You won’t want to miss this!

The Horse Race!

Live from Upside Downs, it’s our newest sketch poking fun at the debates. We throw in a new parody ad, along with one from the archives. Who will win the White House Stakes? Tune in and find out!

This is 2020

‘Miracle on Ice’ team responds to criticism for appearing at Trump rally

Bail reform, it’s lit! 

Indiana couple drove teenagers with Trump flags off the road

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Big dog becomes mayor of small Colorado town

Violinist plays as surgeons operate to remove brain tumor

Flightless pigeon befriends puppy that can’t walk

Belgian thrift store finds album full of woman’s celebrity photos

Police chief stripped of duties disrobes, walks into storm

‘Ghost Ship’ Washes Ashore In Ireland After Drifting At Sea For A Year

This is why we can’t have nice things

Los Angeles Mayor and Police Chief Film Video Telling Illegals They Won’t Cooperate With ICE

Washington woman posed as newborn photographer, drugged victim to steal baby

RSPCA officers find reported snakes were inanimate objects

Colorado squatters leave behind underwear, a snake and sex toys

70-pound beehive found under California man’s garden shed

Florida Man 

Rainbow Snake Seen In Florida’s Ocala National Forest For First Time Since 1969

Florida teacher suspended for washing out student’s mouth with hand sanitizer

Jars filled with tongues, other human remains dating back to 1960s found in Florida home

Florida man shoots dog walker in leg, then steals dog, police say

Shirtless Florida man arrested, had toddler tucked between his legs on motorcycle






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