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We begin by discussing the fallout from the South Carolina primaries. We weren’t surprised by Tom Steyer’s campaign coming to an end, but less than an hour before we went on the air, we were surprised to find out that Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg was dropping out. Despite disagreeing with him on some key issues, we like Pete, and wish him the best in his future career. We discuss the fallout from this event. We think that this is an effort by the centrist elements in the Democrat Party to consolidate in its effort to stop current front runner Bernie Sanders. Are we right? Are we wrong? Time will tell.

The South Carolina Democratic Debate

Max and Phrytzie do their best to moderate this debacle.

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Still Feeling The Bern?

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This is 2020

Federal judge orders city to cease enforcing free speech restrictions at Millennium Park

Count Binface to run for mayor of London

Stop! Don’t touch me there. This is my “no-no square.” :/

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Ohio man seeks world record with beer-only Lent diet

Police use pancakes in hunt for suspects

Second wedding for man with dementia

Male baboon escapes Australia medical facility with ‘two wives’ before vasectomy

Dog reunited with Pennsylvania family after being stolen by hawk

Washington state ‘road hazard’ turns out to be lost 600-pound sea lion

Update on story from last week!!

Puppy’s pigeon friendship leads to custom wheelchair

California father, daughter share leap day birthday

3.81-mile line of books awarded Guinness World Record

Police Respond To Little Girl’s Emergency Call About Her ‘Injured’ Stuffed Animal

Baby Is Clearly Unhappy About Being Born In Hilarious Photo

Woman Dumped For Being ‘Too Fat’ Wins Miss Great Britain

Man Captures All Walks Of Life Crossing A Log Bridge

A Polish Doctor Saved A Whole Town of Jews By Faking An Epidemic To Scare The Nazis Away

A Rescued Otter Is Being Raised With A Family Of Pugs

Hilarious Video Shows Why This Dog Flunked Out Of Service Dog Training School

This is why we can’t have nice things

Don’t miss our home state – Corona virus update

Speaking of which… Police warn recently bought meth may contain ‘Corona Virus,’ offer to test it for free

Reported injured eagle in Tennessee was ‘too full to fly’

Jif Peanut Butter Has Waded Into the Debate Over How You Should Be Pronouncing Gif (NOTE: We at CCW Radio have always pronounced it with the hard “G” and will continue to do so. Sorry, Smuckers.)

Pennsylvania mom overdoses in Cookie Monster costume outside babysitter’s house

McGruff the Crime Dog actor sentenced to 16 years in prison

This Teacher Is Now Teaching Children That Thanksgiving Should Be A “National Day Of Mourning”

He Wouldn’t Stop Injecting His Scrotum, And Died Because Of It. His Mom Is Now Suing

Fury as Trump themed coffee shop opens near LGBTQ bar

Florida Man

Miami to hold ‘anti-communist’ concert after Sanders defends Castro regime

Florida Man tries to burrow into gopher tortoise hole to evade police, caught throwing dirt on himself

A literal mug shot of a 6-year-old girl

Florida Man leaves 4, 5, 7-year-old home alone to meet 14-year-old for sex, police say


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