CCW goes viral

Welcome to the Show.

What a year we had this week!

We begin by talking about the absolute insanity surrounding the coronavirus.

As they were running a bit low on toilet paper, Jim made a pledge to Melanie that, while he was running other errands on Saturday, that he would find at least 4 rolls of toilet paper.

And God laughed.

Okay, Jim finally found a store that was well stocked with it, but not until after visiting Albertsons, Lowe’s,  7-Eleven, Walgreen, CVS, Dollar Tree, and others. As the quest for poo poo paper extended past two hours, he was about to post a very nasty rant on Facebook that may have cost him a few friends before he found his supplier, a small Hispanic grocery store that was far from home. (He didn’t go crazy. just buying two 4-packs, because he is normal. Well, normal-ish…) Jimbo Saves the Day!

We also regale the crowd about a night time pet taxi from Vegas to Cedar City, Utah that should have taken no more than 5 hours round trip…

And God laughed. Hard.

Due to unforeseen circumstances WAY the hell beyond our control, it took us a full TEN HOURS, rendering both of your gracious hosts unable to work their respective jobs the following day. Listen in for the full saga.

Also, Jim and Melanie were scheduled to appear together on stage beginning this week for only the second time, in NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK. We (well, Jim, Melanie and Greg Korin, anyway) swore that no matter what, The Show Would Go On…

And God fell out of his chair, right on His Celestial Butt, going into full Knee Slapping Guffaw Mode.

A couple of the actors in the show expressed concern about spreading a virus that none of us have or were likely to get, and…WHADDAYA KNOW!

We will keep you posted when the $#@#$ show actually opens…

Well, as Max says, Onward and Edward!

Interviews to the Max

In a brand new interview Max decides to give Jim Acosta yet another chance, and the interview goes south as usual. A second surprise interviewee pops in. (We don’t mention his name anymore, because it sets Max off. Yes, it went that badly, but not how you would expect.)


OMG! We were literally just joking about this. Another CounterCultureWise peek into the future.
Drinking bleach will not prevent coronavirus

Coronavirus ’emergency’? Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper

New York State Will Produce Hand Sanitizer Made By Prison Inmates

Student suspended from school for selling ‘squirts’ of hand sanitizer to classmates

Brothers Fill Garage With Hand Sanitizer & Wet Wipes, Are Accused Of Profiteering As Amazon Halts Resale

CNN’s Chris Cuomo tells viewers ‘go straight ethnic’ with ‘the harshest cleaners’ to combat coronavirus

La Bella Vita…Pornhub Is Giving Italians Free Premium Access During Coronavirus Quarantine

French mayor defends holding massive Smurf rally despite coronavirus spread

Jajaja..Mexico considering closing border to keep COVID-19 in US

This is 2020

Williams College Suspended Man for Not Dating Woman After Kiss

What the Soviet Hell? Voters Not Allowed To Vote Republican At Polling Location, Given Democrat Ballot Instead

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Farm fire caused by pedometer-eating pigs

‘Unicorn’ puppy has one ear in the middle of her head

Reported loose lion was unusually groomed dog in Spain

Salvador Dali wood engraving donated to North Carolina thrift store

A Maryland Family Is Giving Away Free Toilet Paper To Anyone In Need

Thousands Of Meals Meant For Arnold Sports Festival Will Instead Be Sent To Nashville To Feed First Responders

Man sent anti-Muslim tweets to a political candidate who then helped pay his medical debt

That’s why we can’t have nice things

There’s a New Artist in Town. The Name Is Biden

Osaka man reserved and cancelled 1,873 seats at two baseball games to get more space for self

Florida Man!

Florida man killed sleeping couple, enlisted stepdaughter, her boyfriend to bury bodies in swamp

Florida man scratched by a bear while sitting on his porch

Florida man attacks victim at Wawa, later attempts to bite officer

A Florida man was made a suspect in a burglary after police used Google location data from a fitness app

Florida Man Calls Department To Report Being Shot At By Man He Robbed, Stabbed

28-year-old Florida man arrested for 66th time

Florida man tried to escape cops by stripping naked. Ribeyes fell out of his pants.

Florida Man Charged After Trooper Found 78 Pounds Of Meth Hidden In His Rented Minivan

Florida man’s ankle monitor led to charges in wife’s dismemberment

Hallucinating Florida man swings sledgehammer at ‘demons,’ damaging several homes, including his own

Florida man arrested a block from White House for threatening Trump

Dog Abby returns!

Abby addresses the concerns of an older woman about aging, and suggests ways to stay happy and healthy.






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