Vegas Proud Boys and Coronavirus

Special Jim’s a Dummy Edition with Billy of the Proud Boys

Welcome to the Show.

Jim starts off with a special edition of Jim Class. You are either “at cause” (making thing happen) or “at effect” (LETTING things happen) Jim let things get to him the prior week, and didn’t participate to the extent he normally does. He apologizes to Melanie and the audience. He will strive to do better. And he did!

To wit…our newest sketch.

The  COVID panic has taken over many aspects of our show, including the reports of our intrepid reporter Phrytzie, our man at the FBI Agent Orange, our resident poet Wolf Zygote, and of course, Max’s news segment. Find out how they are faring. (Hint: Not Well.)

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Our guest tonight…

Of many groups representing Western values, perhaps the most misunderstood is the Proud Boys. Here to discuss the group, and dispel lingering  myths about them, is local member Billy.

COVID-19 Update

In Iran, false belief a poison fights virus kills hundreds

Bakery’s ‘Quarantine Cakes’ say ‘wash your hands,’ ‘don’t touch your face’

Colorado State Parks: ‘Thank you for not stealing our toilet paper’

Despite statewide restrictions, many flock to Alki Beach in West Seattle during coronavirus pandemic

Major U.S. universities ban saying ‘Chinese virus’

LA mayor says city will shut off water, power to open nonessential businesses

Subway surfer clings to side of moving train in New York

Temporary homeless shelter set up near Cashman Center

This is 2020

“You Are Your Safest Sex Partner”: Why New York Is Encouraging Masturbation in the Time of COVID-19

#MeToo – Biden edition

New York doughnut shop sells Dr. Fauci doughnuts

News of the Weird & Wonderful

A dose of the wonderful from our favorite memester (and the good ‘ol USA)

New York wedding officiated from fourth-floor apartment window

‘Faster than it looks’ cow captured after two months in Florida

Taco Bell to give out free tacos on Tuesday (Postscript: we took advantage of it)

French athlete runs entire marathon on apartment balcony

Lucknow’s six-year old drumming sensation creates a Guinness world record





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