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As the pandemic panic continues, Jim relates a funny story (well, not TOO funny) about an encounter in a grocery store from earlier in the week. (What was the norm a few weeks ago, ain’t no more. We will just leave it at that.)

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COVID Catchup (the world’s gone bats)

New York’s Empire State Building lights up with red and white light amid coronavirus pandemic

Paddleboarder arrested at Malibu Pier for flouting state stay at home order

Mountain goats take over Welsh town in coronavirus lockdown

Pentagon confirms it’s working to provide 100,000 body bags to FEMA

Coronavirus measure in Japan of 2 masks per home taken as April Fool’s joke, mocked as ‘Abenomask’


This is 2020

Seattle police chief tells residents to dial 911 if they experience ‘racist name calling’


Special Guest: Dan Flanigan


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News of the Weird & Wonderful

Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts to pay employees through coronavirus shutdown

Irish couple separated by Covid-19 celebrate 50th wedding anniversary through nursing home window

That’s Why We Can’t Nice things


Corona beer suspends production due to coronavirus

Vicar accidentally sets arm on fire while recording virtual sermon

I get flack for my bare feet – HA!

Coronavirus can survive on shoes for up to 5 days, experts warn

Drug Dealer: People Are “Panic Buying” Cocaine and Weed to Cope With Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown spurs police in England to dye ‘Blue Lagoon’ black to deter Instagrammers

How to keep your husband happy in lockdown posters condemned

Florida Man

Florida man hangs giant toilet paper roll in front yard

Florida man who claims he has COVID-19 spits on officer’s face

Florida Man breaks quarantine order to travel around Hawaii

Florida man arrested for allegedly spraying liquid he claimed infected people with coronavirus



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