The Returning Conqueror…no, not Agent Orange…

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TRAFFIC is gone,

GAS is affordable,

BILLS extended.

KIDS are home with their families.

PARENTS are home taking care of their children.



Hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS, REST, and RELAXATION.


The air seems CLEANER.

The WORLD quieter.

PEOPLE are conscious about hygiene and health!!


MONEY doesn’t seem to make the world go anymore.


And we now have time, finally,

to stop and smell the flowers🌹


And lastly, WE become closer to our GOD & more evidently praising HIM everyday of our LIVES.




Focus on the positive🌼


COVID-19 Update


Nevada Gov Orders Closures of Health Food Stores

We are OK with defunding these hypocrites

WHO Admits Transmission Lie: Report Ignored To Protect Relationship With China

Man allegedly tried to burn disabled wife after learning he didn’t qualify for relief check

Man arrested at park in front of daughter 

Coronavirus scams in India include person who tried to sell the world’s largest statue for billions

Speeding driver tells police he broke virus lockdown to drive 120 miles for ‘cheap bread’

“We Want Compliance From Everybody.” $1,000 Fine, 6 Months in Jail for Californians Who Violate Social Distancing Order

Twitter jams open a back door to track your phone – which may already be in use by the government

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Man uses $900 from savings to buy gas for more than 50 Detroit nurses

Waterboys’ Mike Scott Create a New Song About LEGOs for a Young Fan

Jackson woman helping families get free access to basic needs

New Zealand PM dubs Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy ‘essential workers’

Bar owner removes $3,714 stapled to the walls to give to her unemployed staff

This is 2020

State Department won’t support Hillary Clinton effort to dodge deposition over email server and Benghazi

The Returning Conqueror: Charlie Bebus

This week’s guest was the host of DeploraPalooza 2020, which we were fortunate enough to attend. Returning to our show to discuss the event, its aftermath, and future plans for this great event, is our good friend, America’s Favorite Uncle Charlie, Charlie Bebus!

Interviews to the Max

The Orange One (no, not THAT Orange One) does his final interview with now-former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Bernie should have known better.

Dog Abby

Our advice columnist is back to address a young child who is bored with being housebound due to COVID.

Agent Orange Returns

(What, again?)

He has a new, temporary (Thank Gawd) position within the government.

The Gospel According to Melanie

More good stuff returning to our show! Melanie discusses one of the most influential chapters in the Bible, Romans 12, and relates it to our current situation.



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