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We are delighted to welcome new listeners tonight! We discuss the New (hopefully very temporary)  Normal. We went to karaoke for the first time in ages. Of course, all the participants were broadcasting from home. LOL A shout out to Julia at Quality Karaoke out in our old stomping grounds of Washington State for doing a great job. If you are in the Seattle/Snohomish County area and need a KJ for your wedding or event, give them a try!


New and Exclusive!!

Joe Biden announces his running mate!

Phrytzie Interviews Nevada Governor Sisolak!

COVID-19 Update

Wuhan Death Toll Raised by 50% as China Admits Mistakes

British town uses Oregon’s ‘exploding whale’ fiasco to teach coronavirus social distancing lesson

Man Arrested After Trying to Sell N95 Masks for $300 During CCP Virus Pandemic

Army field hospital for Covid-19 surge leaves Seattle after 9 days. It never saw a patient

Man Accused of Trying to Sell Non-Existent Face Masks in Multimillion Dollar Scam

Mannequins and cardboard cutouts replace fans as Taiwan baseball season launches

San Clemente Fills Skatepark With 37 Tons Of Sand After Skaters Ignore ‘No Trespassing’ Signs

Detroit Democrat rep says hydroxychloroquine, Trump helped save her life amid COVID-19 fight


News of the Weird & Wonderful

93-year-old woman’s viral plea for beer answered by Coors

Wildlife trust surprised by ‘highly unusual’ zonkey birth

A 64-Year-Old Man Got To Ride In A Fighter Jet, Then Panicked And Accidentally Ejected Himself At 2,500 Feet


This is 2020

‘Smart toilet’ monitors for signs of disease

Land O’Lakes Removes Native American Woman from Packaging, Leaves Boring Packaging Behind

Farmers paint cow to look like tiger after watching ‘Tiger King’

Family Perfectly Recreates Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ Music Video

Seashells pile up on North Carolina beaches as coronavirus keeps tourists away

Not to be outdone by Coors…Busch offering a year of free beer to couple with postponed wedding


That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Judge reminds lawyers to get out of bed, put on shirts for Zoom hearings

Indiana man waiting for $1,700 stimulus payment sees millions in his bank account


Florida Man 


Florida cop — why is it always about race?

Florida Man Calls 911 After Middle Eastern Comedian Tells Middle Eastern Joke

Florida man sprayed bottle of ‘COVID-19’ on doors of business

Florida man downloaded child porn as a ‘boredom killer,’

Florida man found naked in car with teen he met on Snapchat

Man coughs on Florida deputy, claims he has COVID-19

You Bet Jurassic! Florida mother shot burglar who entered home because ‘dinosaurs were chasing him’

Florida Man Tries to Eat Stolen Debit Card after Being Caught With It at Disney World

Florida Seventh Grader Sends 41 to Hospital When He Mistakes Pepper Spray for Body Spray

Never thought this would happen…

Florida inmate released due to coronavirus now facing murder charges

Florida protester encases hands in concrete near Governor’s Mansion, calls to free prisoners amid coronavirus

Jim Class

Jim has a new camera coming. He reflects on his old camera, which inspires him to impart wisdom about getting started on things you want to do.

The Gospel According to Melanie

Melanie continues with her study of the book of Romans, a very important (and relevant) part of the Bible.

Dog Abby

Abby returns to address a youngster’s Covid Boredom.


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