Special Guest Julia Belyea!!!

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Tonight’s special guest and co-host is our friend, the lovely Julia Belyea! Julia has built her business, Quality Karaoke from a small concern to one of the larger and more successful karaoke businesses in Washington State. We pick her brain about what she does to stay ahead in a competitive field.  She also assists with reading some of our news stories. If you are in the King or Snohomish County area of Washington and are looking for a great karaoke host or DJ, we highly recommend a visit to Quality Karaoke’s website.

The O’Reitz Files!

Bill attempts his first vacation in years by visiting Las Vegas. It shuts down in front of him, and he realizes he must once again take matters into his own fists.


COVID-19 Update

NYPD helped plan chaotic Orthodox funeral de Blasio blamed on ‘Jewish Community’

California shelter-in-place: State issues weirdly specific list of allowed outdoor activities

California Bans Protests At State Capitol After Opposition To Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Coronavirus Stay-at-home Order

Parents Expecting iPad Deliveries Got Knock On Door From Child Welfare Workers

Police chopper with NIGHT VISION is used to bust three youths breaking lockdown laws by having a drink on a Gold Coast rooftop

D.A. warns public of 7 ‘high-risk’ sex offenders released in California amid coronavirus pandemic

Drivers grabbing face masks from road cause highway traffic jam

Frustrated pilot gives literal ‘FU’ to Michigan governor Whitmer over state’s extended coronavirus lockdown

President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat tests positive

News of the Weird and Wonderful

‘Goonies’ cast, ‘Flintstones’ rescue TV viewers in pandemic

Woman Who Lost Job Receives Blessing Card With $1,000 From Anonymous Person

A Mother Cat Brought Her Kitten To A Hospital For Assistance

Nurse Writes Letter To New Mom Who Has COVID-19 And Can’t Hold Her Baby

Bees swarm on Arizona family’s porch, trigger security alerts

This is 2020

AMC Theaters will no longer play Universal movies after Trolls World Tour’s on-demand success

Jeopardy! Contestant Mistakes Chaka Khan for 1800s Warrior Leader

Protesters drive through Las Vegas demanding the Strip be re-opened while armed demonstrators surround the Wisconsin state capitol as thousands continue anti-lockdown rallies across the US

That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Tupac Shakur Gets Apology From Kentucky Governor, Who Claimed His Unemployment Application Was A Prank

Hiker celebrating end of coronavirus lockdown falls to her death while posing for photo

Cops hunt for person wearing creepy 17th-century plague doctor costume

Masks appear on statues of Japan’s loyal dog Hachiko, but only one gets to keep it

News anchor allegedly caught cheating when half-naked woman walks into live shot

Interviews to the Max

Max interviews actress, singer, and #metoo icon Alyssa Milano. It doesn’t go well for her.


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