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We are working on a fun new concept-a 60s-style sitcom featuring Phrytzie! We are working on a few extra touches which will make it more enjoyable for you, so stay tuned to future podcasts for episodes of…SHE’S SO PHRYTZIE!

COVID-19 Stuff

A COVID update from Chris McGarahan

Mayor Eric Garcetti has issued an order requiring Angelenos to wear face coverings outside their homes

Strip club offers drive-thru service during US lockdown

Woman Opens Fire in McDonald’s Dining Area Because of Coronavirus Closure

New York City man arrested in Hawaii after posting beach photos on Instagram

PA Health Secretary Moved Mother Out Of Personal Care Home After Ordering Nursing Homes To Accept COVID Patients

Inmates at California Jail Tried to Infect Themselves With COVID-19 to Get Early Release

CNN Coronavirus Town Hall Accidentally Airs a Trump Derangement Syndrome Question

Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Be Arrested For Crimes Against Humanity on Parliament Floor


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Scientists Are Asking People To Keep Their Pet Cats Inside Because Cats Are Murdering Everything

Anonymous Donors Wipe Out College Debt For 400 Local Graduates

Texas Man’s Hilarious Gymnastics Routine Goes Viral

The Inside of Kangaroo Pouches Are Actually Terrifying

RSPCA rescues fox cub with head stuck in ceramic vase

All Of These Were Done Only With Makeup

Joe’s Quarantine Rally

Max and Phrytzie present Mister Biden’s latest fiasco-uh we mean rally.

This is 2020

Brewery Launches “for the Frontline” Beer on National Nurses Day

Restaurant using blow-up dolls to enforce social distancing

Lack of hot water is not a police emergency

Facebook ant colony role-playing group grows to 1.8M members amid pandemic

Facebook Announces ‘Hateful Memes Challenge’ With $100K Prize Pool To Identify ‘Hate Speech’

Lockdown Restrictions Enforced by Darth Vader Himself in Philippine Village

Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged

That’s why we cant have nice things

CNN Gets Criticism, Confusion For Adding Greta Thunberg To Coronavirus Town Hall

CA Gov. Newsom: Federal Government Has ‘Moral’ And ‘Ethical’ Obligation to Financially Support States

Brawl Between Two Target Customers Who Refused to Wear Mask Injures Target Employee

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: Trump’s Rhetoric Gave ‘Permission’ in Ahmaud Arbery Shooting

Florida Man

Florida man says he’s been stuck on cruise ship in Italy for 8 weeks after testing positive for COVID-19

Lee County sheriff fishing for man who jumped into Bass Pro native fish tank

Teen learning how to drive hits, kills dad during parking lesson in Florida

Florida man describes surviving lockdown in supposedly haunted house

Florida man loses leg while surfing, 13-year-old diver finds it, returns it to him

Florida neighborhood taken over by loud, messy peacocks

Returning beachgoers left 13,000 pounds of trash on Florida’s Cocoa Beach, prompting crackdown

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