Memorial Day with Mary

Special Guest: Mary Tuomey

The Badass Ballerina returns to our show, as we get an update on the tumultuous, and yet somehow still fantastic life of the founder of the Pink Tutu Ballet. Ladies and Gents, The fabulous Mary!

COVID Update

Mississippi church burned down after holding in-person services

Peruvian mayor poses as corpse to avoid arrest for flouting coronavirus lockdown

FC Seoul ‘sorry’ after accidentally using sex dolls to replace fans in empty ground

Couples are heading for Las Vegas chapels after bigger wedding plans are dashed

Coronavirus fears shrink jackpot for Alaska’s guessing game

Armed 70-year-old tried to steal helicopter so he could fly to a hospital and free quarantined coronavirus patients

Dogs are now being trained to sniff out people who have the coronavirus even before they show symptoms.


Maasai Nature Conservancy Asks For Help To Fight Pandemic—And 100,000 People Answer

Belgian Man Uses Cranes to Reunite Families During Quarantine

Remember Clippy, the helpful paperclip office assistant that you could not get to leave you alone? Everybody  hated him.

Employee Pranks Entire Office With An Army Of Clippy Posts

Boy fishes stolen safe out of Whitney Lake, helps solve 8-year-old mystery

Beards evolved so men could take punches to the head, study finds

Port Charlotte pizza shop features adoptable pets on its boxes

New Plant-Based Bottles and Cups Backed by Coca-Cola And Dannon Can Degrade in a Year

More and More Farmers Are Using Garlicky Supplements to Curb Major Environmental Enemy: Cow Gas

A 10-year-old girl has sent more than 1,500 art kits to kids in foster care and homeless shelters during the coronavirus pandemic

Dolphins Are Bringing Gifts From The Sea To Shore Because They Miss Human Interaction


Washington State conned out of a likely ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ by Nigerian scammers

Nice things

Surprise, surprise

Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study

Bull’s bid to scratch ‘itchy bum’ cuts off power to 800 homes


Dog Abby

A pain-in-the-butt calls and asks or forgiveness. What is our writer to do? As usual, Abby has the answer.

Another Joe Biden Ad!

Joe puts his foot in his mouth…a familiar position.



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