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Before we get started…Happy Birthday to a living legend, actor and director Clint Eastwood. 

For tonight’ show, we made a conscious effort to avoid discussion of the George Floyd-inspired riots, and the continuing stupidity of Covidiots far and wide. This opened up some opportunities to share an amazing and uplifting story that will have far more positive and far-reaching consequence than the nonsense taking up huge real-estate on the network news. 

Flat Earthers…Shaddap!

In Historic First, SpaceX Successfully Launches NASA Astronauts Into Space


SpaceX launch: Flat Earthers rally as Crew Dragon astronauts film Earth from space


SpaceX ‘stowaway’ revealed by crew as sons’ dinosaur toy ‘Tremor’

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Max sent this one:

Japanese worker gets asked by boss to stay after tele-meeting for surprisingly cute reason


No, Phrytzie, you can’t adopt one…

For the Last 20 Years, College Professor Has Been Helping Intelligent Lab Rats Find Good Homes


Man drinks liter of lemon juice in under 17 seconds for world record


Anna Rose Becomes The First Person With Down Syndrome To Graduate From Rowan University


Soldier’s letter home from Vietnam delivered 52 years later


Winning lottery ticket spent two weeks forgotten on seat of truck


7-Year-old Hosts Adorable Mini-Prom for Babysitter Whose Event Was Cancelled


Used Electric Car Batteries Could Be Recycled into New Life as Energy Storage for Solar Farms


This is 2020


India captures ‘spy’ pigeon suspected of working for Pakistan

Pakistani villager urges India to return ‘spy’ pigeon


I thought this was an Onion article, but it’s real…

Monkeys attack lab worker, steal COVID-19 blood test samples


Woman punches Baltimore cop twice before another knocks her out


That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Teen Burglar Kills Goldfish Because He Didn’t Want To Leave Any Witnesses, Cops Say


Georgia teacher fakes kidnapping to cover up gay sex motel shakedown


Maybe Don’t Post Photos of Your Aston Martin on Instagram If You’re Allegedly Stealing Millions From Medicaid?


‘We hope you sob and cry all day’ | Wedding videographer refuses refund after fiancée’s death


Where’d He Stick It?: Thai man arrested for having sex with 100 pairs of flip flops


Scientists say they went ‘cuckoo’ due to laughing gas from penguin poo


Pair hired for man’s broom sexual fantasy turn up in bedroom at wrong address with machetes


$500K bet on ‘rock, paper, scissors’ written off by appeal court in Canada

Florida Man 

Florida man accused of exposing himself claims he needed to air out


Florida man kills pet bird perched on sisters shoulder, holds gun to her head

Clearwater homeowner awakened by barking dogs finds naked man in kitchen


Florida man arrested after high-speed chase


Tom Brady seen working out in a closed Tampa park, mayor says


Man allegedly kidnapped teen to get through Florida Keys lockdown checkpoint


Man plotted terror attack in Florida on behalf of ISIS


Naked Florida man spent 24 hours vandalizing school


Elderly Florida Man Shot Intruder To Death After Suspect Smashed Through Glass Door And Began Attacking His Wife


Fired Florida data scientist was also axed by FSU over affair with student


Vacationers Find Alligator Lounging on Alligator Pool Float at Their Miami Airbnb

Max and Phrytzie Go Shopping

Our beloved cats get more than they bargain for…so to speak.






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