CCW crew in facemasks, against their wills.

Mask Malcontents

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We have been working hard to make this show better each week. Boy do we have a good one for you tonight!

The Ginger Snaps

‘No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service’: Will masks stunt visitation in Las Vegas?

People of color won’t be required to wear masks in an Oregon county


And now from the, “This TOTALLY happened exactly as reported,” files:

NJ family found dead in backyard pool died from drowning

Only in 2020

FBI, NASCAR announce noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage not hate crime

Man Shot in CHAZ/CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

Capitol Hill businesses sue Seattle over handling of ‘CHOP’ zone

This is why I won’t wear a mask.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

U. renames Woodrow Wilson School and Wilson College

Democratic Party of Orange County Demand John Wayne Airport to be Renamed

The Playboy interview on which this newest stupidity was based. (Hint: Taken out of context as usual…)

Now chess is racist

(Chess traces back to 1600s Asia. Blacks weren’t playing back then. They hadn’t even discovered the wheel.)

L’Oreal to remove words like ‘whitening’ and ‘fair’ from its skincare products

Deadspin writer calls for ‘The Masters’ golf tournament to change its ‘racist’ name

Owners to drop ‘derogatory’ Eskimo Pie ice cream name

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Is ramen pizza just crazy enough to work?

86-Year-Old Woman Spends Stimulus Check Building A Front Yard ‘Zoo’ To Make People Happy

Man stacks three eggs for Guinness World Record

Abby says she’s up for the challenge:

20-year-old Tennessee dog believed to be oldest-ever golden retriever

Hero Park Ranger Carries Dehydrated Dog To Safety Down a Treacherous Mountain Trail

Botched painting restoration gives Virgin Mary a cartoon face

The O’Reitz Files: Viva Lost Wages, Part 2

Having vanquished the governor of Nevada, Bill figures he can finally settle in for an all-American Vegas vacation. He is wrong, but he makes things right. Featuring special guest stars Max and Phrytzie!

Our Newest Ad

The O’Reitz Files is sponsored by…Biden Beer.

Florida Man

Naked Florida man on LSD accused of hitting cop in downtown Melbourne

Florida man seen yelling at teens in viral video ID’d as immigration employee

Florida man charged with manslaughter after shooting friend with rifle

South Florida Man exposes himself at gift shop after being asked to put on face mask

Florida Man Flips Out at County Commission Over Mask Mandate, Says ‘I Will Not be Muzzled Like a Mad Dog!’

Wine of the Week

This week’s wine was a gift to us, and what a good gift it turned out to be…A Cabernet from Chile (!) called Inti. We were impressed with its balance. Melanie, who isn’t as big a fan of Cab as Jim is, loved this one. Pairs well with a burger or pasta. This wine is available from Splashwines,com.

Inti wine label


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