Jesse Oakley III

Redskins & Special Guest Jesse Oakley III

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Max interviews his next victim-er, guest, Wolf Zygote returns with his latest opus, and our friend “Vincent” introduces another TALE OF MODERN HORROR! Best of all, Jesse Oakley III returns for another fun and interesting conversation,

Tonight in “totally legit” COVID-19 propaganda

Study shows that people who walk slowly are at a higher risk of contracting severe Covid-19!


People who refuse to wear a mask or comply with social distancing have lower cognitive ability, new study shows


100% positive tests in FL


Argentina stumped as sailors catch Covid-19 after 35 days at sea


Welcome to the new socialist utopia (read: nightmare):

OPP shoot man dead hours after mask dispute leads to alleged assault


Kentucky couple on house arrest for refusing to sign self-isolation order after one tests positive for coronavirus


Mt. Juliet man says even with no test, he’s informed he is COVID-19 positive by state


Interviews to the Max

Max interviews California Governor Gavin Newsom, and serenades us with a Beach Boys classic in the bargain.


Jesse Oakley III

Native American son of Redskins logo designer says it’s not offensive, calls the change ‘hard’







Tales of Modern Horror

Putting the “Hell” in Health!


Only in 2020

US farmers’ beef with Burger King over cow fart ad (see what they did there?)


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Scrabble bans racial and ethnic slurs from the board game

This pisses off a lot of players


Everyone Agrees: Velma Is Gay


Sprinter ‘beats’ Usain Bolt’s 200m world record before blunder is uncovered


Suspected bitcoin scammers take over Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk

Poetry Corner

Wolf Zygote lays another truth bomb on us, mannnnn…


Wine of the Week

Wine of the week








We love Argentinian Malbec, and this is one of the finer ones we’ve had as of late.  Balanced and warm, and smooth as can be. Pair with a peppery pasta dish, or antipasto. Go to our support page and find out how you can get amazing wines at low prices and invest in small businesses.

News of the Weird & Wonderful


Colorado man survives bear attack in his kitchen


Honey leaking through walls alerts Pennsylvania couple to bee infestation


Giant swarm of flying ants spotted from space over UK


Low air pressure in wife’s truck tire leads man to $2 million lottery jackpot


Max approves

UK parliament meeting hilariously interrupted by Rojo the cat


Mayor steps in to save wedding that was missing officiant


Chris Evans sending real Captain America shield to young boy who saved sister from dog attack

Florida Man


They were from Philly, but in Florida, so this sorta counts.

A delayed flight, an airport brawl caught on camera and 3 Philadelphia women arrested


Aw, the picture has me singing, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen!”

Police capture kangaroo hopping through Fort Lauderdale

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