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Masks Off!

Welcome to the show.

We introduce a new (hopefully) limited sketch series (see more below on that!). We also delve into more fun and games unleashed by our so-called leaders, a massive mistake on the part of Hasbro (and how the Social Justice Karens are responding), and the latest things considered Racist by the Woke Mafia.

A few of our newer videos can now be seen at our new channel on Brighteon.com, and more will be added soon. Ironically, we cannot advertise this on Facebook, because they hate Brighteon. Why? they published a film called PLANDEMIC (the title pretty much says it all) which apparently got their knickers in a twist to the extent that they banned the entire platform over One Stinking Video. Or did they use it as an excuse? Either way, we will always support free speech and emphasize the platforms that enable it Please go there and support us and the other content providers. Brighteon rocks.


Troll sex dolls?



Only in 2020

Protesters burn Bible, American flag as tensions rise in Portland


Kentucky Restaurant Owner Compares Demands Of Black Lives Matter Protesters To ‘Mafia Tactics’


Trump-loving grandma outs Portland ‘bomber’ to feds — and it’s her own grandson


MSNBC producer pens scathing exit letter: Ratings model ‘blocks diversity of thought and content’ Here’s the letter


NYC Setting Up COVID-19 Checkpoints To Enforce Quarantine Rules


Trader Joe’s still my favorite!

Trader Joe’s changes course on branding, stands up to cancel culture


NASA to remove offensive nicknames for planets, galaxies and nebulae


Twitter censoring tweets containing links to BitChute video service, flags posts as ‘potentially harmful’

Masks Off, Episode 1: Sharky and the Sphinx

Welcome to 2045, when the masks finally come off.


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Barred from meeting in church, group of Christians gather instead at a local Walmart


Fox Glove is so 20th Century

Caught: thief of over 100 shoes


Australian pub bans emus for ‘bad behavior’


Vintage Super Mario Bros. video game sells for $114,000


Dave’s done another one!

Men pass flying disc 5,341 times in one hour for Guinness record


…but he ain’t beating this one!

Elvis impersonator sings for over 50 hours to break Guinness record


Maybe this one?

British women’s 263-day tandem bike world tour breaks Guinness record


Study shows Washington is the only state that prefers a different ice cream flavor


OK, officially ONLY a hockey fan now.

Bruins, Blue Jackets Link Arms During National Anthems


The Bank Of Korea is warning customers not to launder their cash in washing machines or microwaves


Long-Lost Sisters Say They Were Reunited Because of COVID-19


Japanese amusement park offers mask stickers so guests can silently ‘scream’ on roller coasters


Priceless Stolen Teddy With This Woman’s Late Mother’s Voice Recording Is Returned After Ryan Reynolds’ Ransom Offer


There’s A Gorilla Baby Boom Happening In Uganda


He Wanted One Of His Last Meals At His Favorite Restaurant, Then Everyone Starts Singing ‘ Amazing Grace’

Masks Off, Episode 2: The Woo Girls!

Welcome back to 2045, when the masks finally come off.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The bigotry of low expectations

Speaking Proper English is Racist, So Rutgers University Will “Deemphasize Traditional Grammar”


Illinois politician calls for statewide abolishment of history classes


Dublin pub divides customers with introduction of ‘Covid-19 charge’ on purchases

Florida Man

Florida man tries to evade arrest by cartwheeling away from cops


Alleged mastermind behind massive Twitter hack is a 17-year-old from Florida

Wine of the Week

This is one occasion where you can judge a wine by its label. AVA GRACE Red Blend is a truly lovely wine, with a very peppery nose, and hint of berries and cherry. It doesn’t say what grapes are used, but Cabernet was most likely involved. Enjoy with your favorite Italian dinner, or with gourmet chocolate.

Wine of the week

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