Can we have the murder hornets back?

Welcome to the show.

As Captain Ahab would say, we’ve got a whale of show for ye, mateys! We have a look at the Political Farce of the Week, Agent Orange finds himself in hot water Yet Again, and lots more fun!


Meanwhile, in Hell…

Owners warned stop kissing pets as U.K. latest to sound the alert over cat infected with coronavirus


Murder hornets, COVID canines, and now

“Zombie cicadas” infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia


Gets better

The US military is hacking insects with virus DNA, raising fears of dangerous new bio-weapons

Only in 2020


Georgia student expelled for racist social media reinstated, school finds she didn’t post it


Pro-Life Students Arrested For Writing ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ On Sidewalk Outside Of DC Planned Parenthood


Petition to tear down the Hollywood sign – or paint it black


Live from Washington DC

Attorney General Barr gets grilled in a way only Max and Phrytzie can.


Jim Class: Book Review

Jim reviews the new book FORTITUDE by US Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas, a former Navy SEAL who has a lot of value to say to his fellow Americans.

The Fourth or Fifth or So Return of Agent Orange-REDACTED

He tries,folks…he really does…

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

As if COVID, riots, and murder hornets weren’t enough!!

The Shortage in Aluminum Could Spell Big Trouble for Canned Beer Manufacturers


Man arrested for trying to strike up a conversation 


Reckoning with the Racist Past of Bird Names


Florida Man

Florida Man Charged With Hate Crimes for Painting Swastikas on Synagogues


Man arrested after pulling gun during mask argument at Florida Walmart


Florida man accused of steering urine tests to drug lab


Florida man charged in federal $100M fake magazine service conspiracy linked to thousands of Minnesota victims


Florida Man Who Received Millions in Coronavirus Aid Used Money to Buy Lamborghini


Woman Arrested for Trying to Enter Disney World With 2 Guns, Marijuana in 7-Month-Old’s Diaper Bag


Man arrested for pushing 86-year-old out of lift ‘to protect him and wife against virus’


Florida man takes 9-mile turnpike ride on hood of a tractor trailer


Wine of the Week

Cupcake DecadentTrying a new (to us) wine from Cupcake is only a slight gamble, as they have never disappointed us. They didn’t disappoint here, either; In fact,they exceeded expectations. This “decadent” red started out tasting like a Cabernet, but had a more balanced and smooth finish than most cabs. You can enjoy this as either an apertif or as an accompaniment to a fine seafood meal or steak dinner. Widely available.

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