Kamala and Biden

The Creep and the Veep

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Another odd week begins. The Democratic National Convention begins this week. We will give you all the lowlights next week. In the meantime…

Scott Adams was right

The least likable person possible, Biden picks Kamala Harris. Our new sketch shows shows how it really went down.



Only in 2020

Coronavirus: Vicar uses chopsticks to serve bread in Holy Communion safety measure


DNR tells employees to wear masks during Zoom calls, even when they are alone at home



I’m with Uncle Ted

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Man buys 25 identical lottery tickets for same drawing, wins 25 times


Woman celebrates 103rd birthday by getting first tattoo


Bald eagle takes out EGLE’s drone because it’s 2020 and irony is dead


Dunkin’ launching cereal line


Martial artist uses nunchucks to light 21 candles in one minute


Loose emus in New Jersey?


Dog Brains Reveal How Much Human Language They Actually Understand

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Funeral home delivered wrong body in casket to memorial, Houston family says

But seriously…

Melanie (understandably) rants about poor Cannon Hinnant. A black man kills a little white boy…crickets.


Florida Man

Florida man arrested after waving loaded gun in one hand, holding beer in the other


Florida Man Attempts to Buy Porsche, 3 Rolexes With Fake Checks Printed on Home Computer


Florida Man Kills Burger King Employee After Friend’s Order Takes Too Long


Florida man jailed for allegedly knocking Slurpee onto 7-Eleven employee


A Florida man has been arrested over claims he spat on a child’s face and told him: ‘You now have coronavirus’


Florida boy, 9, saves dad who fractured his neck in swimming accident


Florida man tries to evade arrest by cartwheeling away from cops


Florida Homeless Man Was Able To ‘Blend In With Cleaning Crew,’ Live In Luxury Stadium Suite


Feds investigate Florida man accused of making pipe bombs


Florida man once bitten by alligator is chomped by 8-foot shark while on vacation


Florida trucker accused of threatening to ‘shoot up’ TN church gets prison


Alleged mastermind behind massive Twitter hack is a 17-year-old from Florida

The Day the Masks Came Off, Episode 3

Future Melanie goes shopping.

Wine of the Week

Ava Grace Rosé

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