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A Step Too Far

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Unlike our friends, the overpaid spoiled ninnies in professional sports, we solemnly remember 9/11, the innocent souls who died on that tragic day, and our heroes, the first responders. Let NFL players wear Jacob Blake’s name (and not his sexual assault victim’s) on their helmets all they like. We choose to honor the real heroes, and are more than happy to boycott the NFL until they decide what’s truly important. Speaking of boycotts…


…even worse than imagined. As a result of this child porn, we have cancelled our subscription to Netflix and Chill. And in order to answer the response that most people who’ve criticized it haven’t seen it, Melanie took one for the team and did, in fact, watch it. Her full review is coming soon, but let’s just say it hasn’t altered our opinion. We have a shiny new subscription to instead.

Our Newest Ad…

…based on Cuties and the press’ rapturous response to it.. I mean. after all, let’s take it to it’s (il)logical conclusion, right?


Only in 2020


BUSTED! CNN edits out Washington Redskins logo from photo used in Joe Biden documentary


Voter bares arms, and more, after anti-Trump shirt is nixed


The Left’s Covid Memory Hole

Contrary to what Joe Biden says now, he and his team badly misjudged Covid-19.


Presto Chango

2020 has been a year without a flu season in the southern hemisphere


News of the Weird & Wonderful

More than $300,000 raised for salon owner accused of “setting up” Nancy Pelosi


100-year-old man goes scuba diving for Guinness record


Pensioner blows his house up while trying to kill a fly with electrified bug swatter


He Prayed For Help. It Arrived In The Form Of Priests On A Floating Tiki Bar


Nebraska man asks City Council to rename ‘boneless chicken wings’

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Is It Okay to Laugh at Florida Man?

Tucker Carlson Releases Audio Of CNN’s Fredo Coaching Cohen For Interview

A Black seventh-grader played with a toy gun during a virtual class. His school called the police.


Our new sketch, The Virtual Debate

As it turns out, after this was written and recorded, QAnon actually predicted this would happen…we shall see…

Florida Man


Palm Beach man tried to bribe daughter’s way into Georgetown as tennis team recruit


Florida man accused of forcing his way into home to steal expensive shoes


Florida man allegedly fatally shoots mom after arguments over orange juice, air conditioning


Handcuffed man drowns after jumping into Florida bay


Florida man pleads guilty to trafficking 78 pounds of meth


Dramatic video shows Florida man fleeing from authorities on a JET SKI


Florida man tried to evade cops, but he had an issue with his pants


Kinda not a Florida man, but kinda still…

Jogger detained by Volusia deputies teams up with Sheriff’s Office for training

Wine of the Week

Cavaliere D’Oro (Itlaian for Golden Knight..didn’t even think about that when we picked it up) Is a fine Chianti with a smooth taste and a medium body. Pair it with chicken or a creamy pasta dish. Purchased from Walmart Neighborhood Market.

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