RBG as Darth Vader



Welcome to 2020


An icon of the feminist movement. We salute a tough lady who we admired, despite our political differences.

Congrats Schitt’s Creek for the Emmys

Woman suspected of sending poisoned letter to Trump arrested

Melanie tells another Tale of a Covidiot,

We discuss Trump, as usual. We also talk about the economy, which leads to…

Jim Class-Unintended and Extended!

In the middle of a conversation, Melanie asks Jim to relate about a time in his life when the Law of Attraction worked against him. He relates his early post-USMC years, the hard lessons he learned, and how he came out of the ordeals a more powerful person.

Peace in the Middle East? Pssssh

Trump rally host company fined $3,000 for COVID-19 violations at event


Man who pooped on Pelosi’s driveway calls it a peaceful protest


The Jimbo Snaps! Jim gives McConnell a Mitch-slap

You $%#! Stop trying to rationalize this. You prevented Obama from putting in a nomination in 2016, then turn around and say it’s different this time?  Stop it, you turtle-headed goon! You never should have done this. Now at a critical time, when we really, REALLY need to replace her ASAP, we are stuck in this nonsense. You put party above principle. Shame on you.


Chuck U. Farley returns to host our newest sketch. It won’t be our last.

Wine of the Week

Winemakers Selection Classic Series 2018 California Red Blend has bold flavor and a smooth finish, pairing well with pork and seafood. Quite tasty. We both like it a lot. The surprise? It’s a $5 Walmart brand. Check it out.

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