Red handed

Caught Red Handed

Welcome to the show.

What could our show title, “Caught Red Handed” possibly mean? Jim regales us with a tale containg a timely message.


Only in 2020


Real reaction: “Why am I alive in 2020?”

McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu may be gone for good


Seattle pays ex-pimp $150,000 to offer ‘alternatives to policing’


Man using live snake as face mask boards bus in England

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Melanie MUST read:

Beaked whale smashes diving record with ‘amazing’ 4-hour stint under water


World’s oldest sperm found perfectly preserved after 100m years – and it’s gigantic


NJ woman nearly loses home because she owed 6 cents in back taxes


Thousands of ducks let loose on Thailand rice paddies to clear out bugs


Ig Nobel Prizes awarded for poop knives, helium-inhaling alligator


120,000-year-old human footprints found in Saudi Arabia


Police free man from handcuffs after girlfriend lost the key


Illinois man has kept Richard Nixon’s unfinished sandwich for 60 years


Texas woman collects 1,622 lip balms for Guinness record


Hey, at least it wasn’t porn!

Japanese politician caught watching crocodile video in parliament meeting finally explains himself


Abby, of course

Kerith The Golden Retriever Is Visiting Areas Affected By Fires In California To Comfort Overworked Firefighters


Antiques dealer seeking family from 100-year-old wedding photo

News That Would Never Happen, Episode Two

Happy to bring Chuck Farley back for more.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Jim’s rant…A letter to the fine people at Poets & Writers Magazine. (Hint: he’s not nice to them.)


Our stomping grounds

Electric fence deters Trump sign thieves


North Carolina city replacing street sign that misspelled ‘Autumn’


Michigan driver arrested after pulling ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ stunt over Detroit bridge


Get down wit yo bad self…

Report: Ohio child told police mom left kids alone all day to pursue ‘rap career’


Renovated Lizzie Borden house on the market, again


Massachusetts man dies after ‘overdosing’ on black licorice


Oregon woman disputes Wells Fargo claim she’s dead: ‘It’s not funny’


Donkey sculpture on front lawn burned in Maine town


Chinese Textbook Alters Bible Passage, Says Jesus Stoned a Woman to Death 


Water in a Houston suburb could be tainted with a brain-eating microbe

Florida Man

Handcuffed man drowns after jumping into Florida bay


Dramatic video shows Florida man fleeing from authorities on a JET SKI


Florida city to lift ban on ‘saggy pants’


Wine of the Week

Wine of the weekSpain’s Marques de Caceres Rioja is made from Tempranillo grapes. It is smooth, but has a nice aftertaste to it that makes it compatible with pears, cheese, or a mild pork or chicken dinner. Highly recommended.

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