Voter fraud

Voter Fraud

“No Evidence?”

They told us they were going to cheat, and they were a bit too obvious about it when they made good on the one promise democrats have ever kept. They restacked the deck, created new laws, broke their own state constitutions – as well as the US Constitution – and used Covid as an excuse to commit mass fraud. They lied, bullied, threatened, and got their way: impossible numbers for an addle-brained Chinese-owned Good ‘ol Boy who didn’t even campaign.

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The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database


Woman Arrested For Alleged Election Fraud, Illegal Voting In Texas

Nevada DMV Records Suggest 3,987 Non-Citizens Voted in 2020 Election

‘One kind of fraud’: Biden won thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, study shows


AG Landry’s office arrests city councilman on alleged election fraud

Officials Stop Attempt To Register Dead People In Broward County

2 men charged in voter fraud involving 8,000 ballot applications for ‘fictitious’ or dead voters


Pennsylvania Rejects 372,000 Mail-in Ballot Applications, as Voters Err

Georgia election official: Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload

USPS worker arrested at Canadian border with bin of mail, undelivered ballots

USPS Mail Carrier Arrested for Allegedly Dumping Mail, Including Election Ballots 

US postal worker in New Jersey arrested, accused of dumping mail and election ballots

Ohio’s Franklin County Says Nearly 50,000 Voters Got Wrong Absentee Ballots 

FBI notified of arson investigation after ballot drop box set on fire in Baldwin Park

60,000 mostly Trump voters tricked into using provisional ballots by poll workers in Nevada.

PROOF: Democrat Operatives Paid Native Americans to Vote in Nevada With Gift Cards

Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud

(Why would this video be age-restricted?)



Texas Dem Mayoral Candidate Charged With Voter Fraud After Allegedly Applying for 84 Mail-In Ballots

‘Naked Ballot’ Rule Could Lead To Thousands Of Pa. Votes Getting Rejected

Nevada voters receive election materials with minor errors

Thief grabs mail, ballots from North County neighborhood

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

New Project Veritas Video: Voter Fraud in Ilhan Omar’s District

City councilman among 4 facing voter fraud charges in New Jersey

Watchdog identifies 50,000 double-voters, 350,000 dead persons still on rolls

Canvassers demand answers after 72% of Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were off

Joe Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting

Investigators recover discarded military ballots in Luzerne County

Pennsylvania: Mail ballots can’t be discarded over signature

10,000 Dead People Returned Mail-in Ballots in Michigan, Analysis Shows 

Tennessee voter says SIGNATURE-VERIFIED ballot was cast in Maricopa County, Arizona using his name


Eye-witness accounts

Correction Tape


Manufactured ballots

Clark County election officials accepted my signature — on 8 ballot envelopes


Rules for thee…

Stacey Abrams Defends Refusal to Concede Georgia Gov. Race: ‘The Game Is Rigged’

Hillary Clinton still has a chance to win the presidency, petition claims

The Way Hillary could Still Win

Historical (usually called out — but not fixed — by Democrats)

CNBC in 2016: “Of course elections are rigged” 

Fractional Magic (Ballot Tampering)


Before we begin, let’s be clear. MOST USPS workers are AWESOME. We love our letter carrier (even though he’s terrified of our dogs). This is not a slam on our postal service in whole, although because it is a government agency it is, by design, inefficient and costly — because… government.

Here is an example of a letter carrier who rocks.


There are plenty more, but that is not what this post is about.


Now…on to the corruption…


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