Covid Presidential

Covid Presidential

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Melanie has a cold, so Jim picks up the alleged slack. (Not necessary; she was her Usual Effervescent Self.)  We discuss 45’s bout with COVID to start things off. The rudeness and meanness exhibited by the TDS sufferers was evil, even considering how off they usually are. We also discuss the first debate between Trump and Biden. Who won? The people who didn’t watch it. Biden contradicted things he has been seen saying on video.  Trump didn’t stay within two minutes, even once. Biden told the sitting President of the United States to shut up. And on, and on, and on…No one knows how to debate anymore.

Max insists we share

Why Orange Cats Are Special, According to Science

Only in 2020

The left’s sickening lack of decency on ailing President Trump: Goodwin


This is the same mentality of Cuties. WTF?

32 tons of carrots dumped on London street for art installation


Coming to a dystopian America near you…

Thai hotel seeks deal with guest facing jail over bad reviews


Colusa Student Says Teacher Threatened To Kick Him Out Of Virtual Class Over Trump Flag


Not in the news…

Dianne Feinstein’s husband named in university admissions scandal


The unsinkable Phrytzie takes over the debate moderator role from Chris Wallace, who was driven insane during the first part. You can only find it here!


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Giant rat wins animal hero award for sniffing out landmines


What’s worse than finding a snake in your home?

North Carolina woman finds two-headed snake inside her home


Overdue books returned to British library 48 years later


Cyclist rides 2,500 miles from Poo Poo Point to Pee Pee Creek


Airbnb host offers guests chance to be ‘Mayor of Hell’ for a day


Police capture would-be stowaway raccoon at New York state airport


Class ring found in New Hampshire pond after 53 years


Bear rides on top of garbage truck in Pennsylvania


Artist carves 168-link chain from the graphite of a single pencil


The Day the Masks Came Off

Our newest episode: What does the largest manufacturer of masks do now that no one is buying them any more?


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Profane parrots removed from zoo display for rude language


Subway bread isn’t bread, Irish court says


2 college students plummet four floors while taking selfie at rooftop party


Bob Murray, Who Fought Against Black Lung Regulations As A Coal Operator, Has Filed For Black Lung Benefits


‘Drunk’ man has 13-year-old drive him to get ice cream, charged with endangering a child


Oops! Tennessee puts virus test supplies on an auction site


Only in Japan: handwritten love letters from high school girls now available in crank machines


Florida Man


Abby sent this one:

Florida man survives alligator attack while walking dog, gets 65 stitches


Watching the video proves this is false news

Florida man waving Trump flagpole charged with child abuse


A Florida Man who does good…

South Florida man documents journey of collecting 11,000 lbs of trash from Florida’s ecosystems


Florida man stops in Chicago to help out-of-work people with professional portraits


Florida man arrested after allegedly hitting deputy in face with a Bible



Wine of the Week

RIGID ELM? Really? Yes! Their 2016 Barrel  Reserve Red Wine Blend from a vineyard specializing in wines from…BULGARIA? Yes! Quite bold and balanced. Found at a Mexican supermarket here in Vegas, La Bonita. Highly recommended.


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