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Welcome to the show.

Isn’t 2020 over yet? Well, since you’re here, might as well enjoy our show tonight! We have a lot of fun things to talk about tonight, Max returns with an interview, and we make fun of CNN again. (Low hanging fruit can be very tasty.)


Only in 2020

The pile gets deeper…(Not available on Facebook or Twitter)

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

Remember to mask up, Joe!



The truth behind the Hunter Biden non-scandal


Whitmer: ‘If You’re Tired Of Lockdowns, Wearing Masks’ Or Not Attending Church, Vote Trump Out


Please spend your money. Pleeeeease!

Caesars Entertainment to implement new self-parking policy at Las Vegas properties


John Lydon’s Trump Support Leaves Sex Pistols Fans Feeling Rotten


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Changes Meaning of ‘Preference’ Following SCOTUS Hearing


‘Die in a Fire’: Twitter Employees Express Their Unbalanced Hatred of Trump


Interviews to the Max: Keith Olbermann

The journalist was unhinged even BEFORE his interview…


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Student travels across 100 meters of slip ‘n slide in 10 seconds


Boy, 5, Thwarts Indiana Home Invasion By Throwing Toy Trucks at Gun-Toting Suspects


Another jetpack reported flying near Los Angeles airport


Customers Jump Up To Help Run Restaurant When Chef is Left Alone After Staff Emergency: ‘Beautiful to witness’


Firefighters Treat Veteran For Heat Exhaustion, Then Finish Mowing His Lawn


300 Dogs Ride Out Hurricane in Man’s House

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Don’t sanitize or microwave your mail-in ballot, voting officials warn



Biden Fundraiser Jane Fonda Says COVID-19 Is ‘God’s Gift to the Left’


Delta Air Lines passenger claims she woke up to pastor urinating on her


San Diego school districts overhauls grading system to combat racism


Rapper who boasted about unemployment fraud scheme arrested


Amy Coney Barrett said nice things about her kids. Liberals heard racism

The Town Hall Terror

In our new sketch, Don Lemon and “Fredo” discuss the town halls.

Wine of the Week…

…is Beer! Melanie had the delicious Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat, and Jim had the yummy (to Jim-Melanie doesn’t like IPAs) Elysian Space Dust IPA from Seattle.



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