The Prodigal Orange Returns

Return of the prodigal orange

Welcome to the show.

The big news…MAX IS BACK! Our sweet boy had been missing for a week and a half. The prodigal orange returned on Friday, tired, hungry, and dirty, but very much alive! He is recuperating nicely, and in great spirits. Thanks to everyone who offered prayer, support and encouragement. And now, as Max would say, onward and Edward!

Only in 2020

Commifornia in overdrive 

Democrats, trying everything, fail to derail Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

TDS in Death

Minn. Woman’s Obituary Says In Lieu Of Flowers ‘Do Not Vote For Trump’

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended after masturbating on Zoom call


The Ten Misadventures of Max

Max’s sojourn inspired us to produce a series of 10 episodes of potential misadventures Max had while he was away, one for each day he went missing. Episode One: International Cat of Mystery!

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Close to home after our recent experience

Cat reunited with Pittsburgh family 5 months after house fire

Incentivizing over mandating – this would work for Jim

‘Breathable Bacon’ face mask gives wearers the aroma of bacon

Maryland woman goes skydiving for the first time at 102

Stray kitten at airport named Boeing, adopted by safety officer

Pennsylvania family builds ‘Candypult’ for safe trick-or-treating

Bear opens car door, climbs inside in Tennessee

Man with metal detector finds 222-year-old coin near church

Monica Ramirez drove herself to the ER on a July afternoon. She was 30 weeks pregnant and she could not breathe.

Expensive exotic lizards found one year after California theft

German man sets world record with 516 body modifications

Man’s mistake while buying lottery ticket earns him $2 million

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Walmart store evacuated when skunk wanders inside

Landlord Allegedly Admits to Killing Tenants After Many Noise Complaints

‘Thief’ busted after cops find ‘his severed finger’ at the scene of robbery

Wildlife trapper dons disguise to capture aggressive turkey


Florida Man

The good guys:

A rock group pays homage to its most frightful character yet.

This Florida man covered his condo in empty beer cans over 16 years. The property sold in 3 weeks.

A final farewell: 90-year-old Florida man wears PPE, risks coronavirus to say goodbye to wife with dementia

Florida man uses CPR to save 2-year-old pulled from pond

The not so good guys:

Florida man breached NFL player’s Instagram account and extorted him

Florida Man Reported to 911 by Downstairs Neighbors for Yelling ‘Shoot!’ Was Just Exuberant Hockey Fan

Florida man who tried to get ballot for dead wife charged with fraud


Wine of the Week

Xanthos 2017 California Red

Admittedly, this was a sale item, a red blend at a price too good to turn down. As it turns out, we liked it so much, we went and bought extra bottles!

It could be this wine was inexpensive because it doesn’t break down the grapes it is made from. We are guessing it is primarily Cabernet, with some Pinot. At any rate, this is a fine wine which can be served before or during dinner, pairing well with virtually anything. (Sorry to sound vague, but it really is that versatile.) Available at Lee’s Discount Wine and Liquor.

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