Schrodinger's President-elect

Schrödinger’s President-Elect

Welcome to the show.

The press has declared Creepy Joe the winner. Not so fast, Sparky! We have an overwhelming series of first-hand interviews and news articles indicating election fraud. (Check it out on our website.)  Bottom line:This ain’t over by a long shot.

Happy Birthday Mélanie!

We brought in the big Five Oh with a birthday party and some accessories for shootin’. We also have tickets to see Night Ranger (!) in April at the Orleans. (Hoping they don’t have to postpone it due to COWARD-19.)


Only in 2020

Alex Trebek, long-running ‘Jeopardy!’ host, dies at 80


3M ramps up N95 production amid shortage; surges prompt new orders in states


News of the Weird & Wonderful

South African man eats 14.8 ounces of Marmite in one minute


Doctor tricked into handing over €80,000 for ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ he believed could grant wishes


Iowa boy hits home run with fundraiser for storm victims


14-year-old girl wins $25,000 prize for research on potential coronavirus cure


Golden retriever spends two weeks walking 62 miles to find her owners after they left her at a friend’s house for temporary care


Train saved from plunging 10m into water… by a whale tail sculpture

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

There Are Swimming Tarantulas In Texas And It’s Terrifying


Man almost dies from an allergic reaction to cold air


Canada Dry settles ginger ale lawsuit over ‘real ginger’ claims, agrees to pay over $200G


Detroit woman suing N.C. pastor who peed on her on plane in multimillion dollar lawsuit


A Doctor was Duped Into Buying a Wish-Granting ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ for Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars


Experts find and capture TWO ‘murder hornet’ queens after returning to finish clear out of a nest in Washington


Honorary Florida Man

Wisconsin trooper stops driver hauling snowmobile atop sedan


Florida Man


Dashcam shows Florida man shooting through his own windshield at another car


Whole milk vs. almond milk: Florida man slashes his cousin in the torso over argument about which milk is better


Florida man arrested after trying to carjack four different drivers, sheriff says 


Florida man says “you got me” after getting pulled over for DUI


Florida man arrested after brandishing AK-47, firing warning shot at census worker


Florida man gets 2 years in prison for ‘Shark Tank’ investment-turned-fraud


Florida man arrested 8 years after killing a man and setting fire to his genitals


Barclays Sues Florida Man Accused of Setting Up Fake Lehman Site


Florida man’s pickup lands on top of deputy’s cruiser after chase


Sheriff: Young child set fire to escape boarded up, feces-covered room

Wine of the Week:

Deep Valley 2018 Mendocino Red Wine Blend2018 Deep Valley Red Wine Blend


Yes, it actually says on the back label that it goes with steak and creamy sauces, so leave me alone! In all seriousness though, this is an excellent blend of Petit Sirah, Merlot, and Syrah. Strong flavred but smooth. Purchased from Trader Joe’s.


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