The Office of the _______

Welcome to the show. 

A new Phrytzie sketch, a new opportunity for us to take a jab at Biden, and Jim sets his microphone on fire. No…really.


Only in 2020

Goebblesesque dystopian nightmare that is social media:

100% of posts on Trump’s FB page AND Twitter feeds have “disclaimers.”

Stripped of “President” title on FB – now simply “Political Candidate,” while Biden has, “


Not at all terrifying


She’s So Phrytzie!

In our newest episode, Phrytzie goes to the bus station to go on a vacation to see her boyfriend Majik. Find out what happens!


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Waste not, want not: Dutch students build electric car from recycled material


Still can’t tell if they’re smiling

Brazil artist paints masks for those who want to show their face


Grounded Malaysian pilot’s noodle stall takes off


Rare books returned to owners after ‘Mission: Impossible’ burglary in UK


Russian scientists discover huge walrus haulout in Arctic circle


Singapore launches its first ‘cruise to nowhere’

From the Office of…

In our newest sketch, Creepy Joe’s fake office has inspired others to make up office names of their own.

Wine of the Week: 

Australian winery 19 Crimes has partnered with music legend Snoop Dogg to produce its first California wine, aptly called Cali Red. Fantastically well blended, with a vanilla finish, this is a very refreshing red. Highly recommended, and widely available, including at Target.

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