4th Thursday of November Protest

Welcome to the show.

Trump refuses to concede an election that hasn’t officially been certified.

Lefties: REEEEEE!

VP Pence leaves immediately at the end of a COVID update, because he knows full well the press will bombard him with questions related to the above rather than the COVID situation.

Lefties: REEEEEE!

Kyle Rittenhouse gets released on bail (not charges dismissed, on freaking BAIL, for god’s sake)

Lefties; REEEEEE!

And so on, and so on…

But we’ve got the remedy…3 hours if fun and information that you will enjoy. Thank you for tuning in! Please go to our store and support us if you like what you hear.



Thanksgiving protests

Due to continued lockdowns, we will not have our annual “Strays for Thanksgiving” home-cooked meal and games night.

In lieu of tradition, family, and basic human contact, we will be holding a PROTEST.

What are we PROTESTING? The answer is: yes. We will PROTEST all the stuff.

As this is a PROTEST and absolutely //not// a social gathering, masks and social distancing will not be required. It’s all legal and encouraged by our leaders. Really. Watch the news.

To ensure that our PROTESTERS have the energy to carry their signs and **PEACEFULLY PROTEST** all the things, we will provide high-protein sustenance such as butter-and-thyme roasted turkey and Paleo stuffing. Since this is a diverse PROTEST, we will also provide vegan options. This is absolutely in no way a “meal.” We will award a special prize for the best protest sign and pie.

To ensure that our PROTESTERS do not get distracted or bored while ***PEACEFULLY PROTESTING*** all the things, we will have Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary available, as well as movies cast on our big screen. There may or may not be live jamming with instruments and karaoke so that we may proclaim our rage in a loud and creative way. This is all well within the realms of a peaceful protest.

If you desire to be part of our protest, please let us know ASAP, so that we can ensure we have the right numbers of arm bands, signs, hydration units, matching outfits, Molotov cocktails, chairs, plates, and torches.


Only in 2020


Biden blasts Trump for refusal to concede


Prestigious La Jolla Country Day School tells student to remove ‘offensive’ MAGA hat


California Exempts Hollywood Movie Studios From COVID Lockdowns, Restrictions


3M lands $37.5M federal mask contract


Virginia police chief, whose department filed felony charges against Black legislator in a Confederate monument vandalism case, has been fired


Arkansas police chief resigns after calling for violence against Democrats


Agent Orange Returns!

And inadvertently damages the electoral process.


News of the Weird & Wonderful

8mm film returned to Minnesota library 40 years overdue


.10x365x40=1460.00. Pay up!


Man sells meteorite that crashed through his roof for over $1 million


Obama Agrees to Prank a Fan By Showing Up on Her Zoom Call–and the Results Are Hysterical


 Arkansas group offering $10,000 and a free bike to new residents


McDonald’s Japan teams up with Godiva for the first time to create delicious new desert drink

This segment has gone to the birds


Owl found in Rockefeller Center tree could take flight soon


Meet Belgian racing pigeon sold for a record £1.4m


Squirrelly situation: Critter causes South Carolina outages

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Hanging clothing from hangers is now raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!



Police stumped by theft of rare tree in Wisconsin capital


Acting Student Uses Absurd Dr. Evil Speech for Dramatic Monologue, Nobody Notices


University of Wisconsin Declares Large Rock to be Racist


Virginia chemistry teacher asked students to insert ‘neon . . . neck’ to describe how George Floyd died


Florida man charged with hacking into voter database and changing DeSantis’ home address


Creepy Joe’s Announcement…Pardon Me!

If the election results stand, this will be comedy gold we intend to mine for as long as we can.

Florida Man

Florida man brings child with him during crimes to ‘toughen him up,’ deputies say


Florida Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail for Plotting to Kill Federal Judge


Romaine calm: Florida man accused of lashing out at fast food workers over lack of lettuce


Man who brought BB gun to Disney pretended to be DEA agent, deputies say


Homeless Florida man arrested for shooting flare gun at person’s head


Missing Florida man found dead in Porsche days after fleeing traffic stop


Just to show our non-partisanship.,.,.

Florida man stole bulldozer, drunkenly ran down Biden signs, cops say


(Bad writing) Where ELSE would a pacemaker be??

Florida man arrested after punching a woman who has a pacemaker in the chest


Florida critters:

Manatee spotted in Florida man’s flooded yard during Tropical Storm Eta


Monster alligator prowls Florida golf course during Tropical Storm Eta

Wine of the Week

A very nice Malbec, Mendoza Station says on its label that it goes ell with steak, so Jim doesn’t have to! But seriously, this wine is a decent value (appx $10 at Total Wine). Malbec is one of our favorite wines, and this one did not disappoint.

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