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Project Ferret Toss part 2


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We are finding ourselves more and more in the Christmas Spirit as the big day approaches. If you want to donate to a worthy cause, please consider giving to Hope for Kids, a ministry of Central Christian Church in Henderson. Click here to find out more. Thank you and God Bless.


Only in 2020

Facing another retirement home lockdown, 90-year-old chooses medically assisted death


COVID deaths numbers misleading, therefore must be censored off the internet






Texas judge fined $1,000 after violating own stay-at-home order


Etsy Bans MAGA Knitter for ‘Harmful Misinformation’


CNN gets caught being CNN by Project Veritas!

Melanie discusses the video leaked by Veritas, where the “Most Reliable News Network” spends their entire programming meeting talking about how Orange Man is Bad, How to make him look More Bad, etc. Naturally, they have disavowed the video they were caught blathering in, but whatevs…

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Desks by Dads a growing movement for kids in lockdown


Disturbed inspires elderly drummer’s epic DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS cover


Scene from movie “Elf” comes to life as Buddy meets dad in Boston


Couple uses food from canceled wedding to feed 200 people on Thanksgiving


‘Lord of the Rings’ Cast is Crowdfunding to Buy J.R.R. Tolkien’s Home And Dedicate it to Fans

Joe Passes Peacefully

In our newest sketch, we speculate on what would happen if Joe were to die just before Inauguration Day (that is, if the legal vote count does go the way we think it ought to). NOTE: We wish Mister Biden continued long life and good health. It’s just a sketch, people!


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Taiwan lawmakers throw pig guts, punches in parliament debate on U.S. pork


Thief who buys lottery scratch cards with stolen bank card ends up in jail


Canadian town posts signs reading: ‘Do not let moose lick your car’


Woke’ Kentucky mayor is slammed for trying to pull $120,000 from an emergency rental fund to pay for ‘critical race theory’ training for city employees


Maxine Waters’s Daughter Will Pocket More Than $200K For Campaign Operation



Wine of the Week:

Modello 2015 MasiMasi is a Venetian wine that is very nuanced and (for 2015 anyway) qite balanced. Thi one from the Modello winery, is quite delicious, with a berry start and smooth finish. We would pair this with chicken, fish or (particularly) a pesto pasta dish. Purchased from Lee’s.

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