The Return of Dan Flanigan!

Special Return Guest: Dan Flanigan

We have a wonderful return guest, author Dan Flanigan, to talk about his new Peter O’Keefe novel, THE BIG TILT. Detective O’Keefe is back with a case involving the death of a high school crush, and having to help save his best friend from being wrongly sent to prison at the same time. Meanwhile, the Mafia has placed a hit on him! How does it all work out? Buy the book and find out!

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The Donald Went Down to Georgia

Our newest song parody, featuring the inimitable Nick Pierce on lead vocals!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Ted!

RIP Charley Pride

Youtube goes full CCP


Only in 2020

After AOC Calls for Boycott of Pro-Trump GOYA, Sales Skyrocket and CEO Names Her ‘Employee of the Month’

Canada: Screw yourself 

YouTuber Kills Pregnant Girlfriend on Live Stream After Abusing Her

Conservative youth organization offers students books banned by their school district

Taking cues from Greta

Arizona teacher’s union guiding ‘sick-out’ in district, per leaked video


This is the News?

Yes we made the stories funnier, but these are based on actual events. As Larry would say, :No…really.”

Wine of the Week

A 2018 Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi, Predator was one of the very best wines we have had in months. This reasonably-priced zin has a very smoky taste to it, which would make it a perfect pairing with Southern barbecue or a good old-fashioned bacon cheeseburger.


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