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Christmas with A Platefull


On Third Mic: Sofia from Platefull

We are thrilled to have Melanie’s cousin Sofia Kantola live with us from Washington State!  In addition to being a wife to a great guy (Hi Rod!) and mother to 3 charming and intelligent young men, she is a founder of Kirkland-based Platefull, a non-profit working with multiple food banks in the region to fight hunger. Find out more about them here.

A Fascism Festival

California Taxpayers Can Check Out Any Time They Like, But Lawmakers Still Want To Tax Those Who Leave


Traveling for Christmas? These states require a COVID-19 test before entering


Doctors suggest CDC should deprioritize elderly for coronavirus vaccine: They’re ‘whiter’ and we should ‘level the playing field


Leftists Work to Get Seattle Proud Boys ‘Toys for Tots’ Drive Cancelled, Police Now Involved in Stopping Event


Pro-Trump crowd holds rally in Taipei

Only in 2020

Scott Adams hit by YouTube for ‘deceptive’ content


Cornell: Corona is enforced for whites only 


Ohio’s Arbitrary COVID Rules Allows School Wrestling, But Not Shaking Hands Before Match


San Francisco to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’ 



News of the Weird & Wonderful


Table Thrown at Alleged Monsey Attacker Turned Into Menorah Stand


Veteran Receives Furnace After His Stops Working: ‘It Can Only Be God’s Plan’


Man Pays Utility Bills for 114 Struggling Families: ‘I Want to Share What I Have’


Thief takes off with family’s driveway light bulb, leaves Christmas lights up


Porch pirate steals bait box filled with cat poop


Rep. Joe Cunningham cracks a beer on house floor during farewell speech


Woman raises money for pregnant fast-food worker after customer threw drink at her


Florida Man

Florida dogs:

Two dogs rescued from septic tank in Florida


Florida raccoon:

Florida woman finds raccoon in her Christmas tree


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Florida man ends SWAT standoff for a slice of pizza


Florida man wrestles puppy from jaws of hungry alligator


A Florida man was scalped by a black panther after he paid $150 for an illegal ‘full contact’ experience at a backyard animal sanctuary

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