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Welcome to the show.

Jim’s birthday week commences with our newest infotainment extravaganza! We lament the imminent shutdown of free speech, the right to self-defense, and so much more!

RIP Tommy Lasorda

Also RIP Tanya Roberts-for real this time


News of the Weird & Wonderful


Nursing home has COVID-19 vaccine disco party


Indiana clothing store owner moved to tears by donation from Barstool Fund


Horse Lays Head On Coffin And Gives Touching Farewell To Human Best Friend Before He’s Laid To Rest


Teen wins contest with essay about her cat, donates winnings to Ferndale Cat Shelter


So many pets have been adopted during the pandemic that shelters are running out

Cancel Culture is cancer (try saying that three times really fast)

Innocent man, who was actually this woman’s hero, was defamed by Social Media and lost his job

Woman Says Man Bear-Hugged Her at Rally to Shield Her From Hostile Crowd

Our new Crust toothpaste ad…

Well, he tried.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Good News: Natural Immunity to the Coronavirus May Last Years, Study Suggests


Bad News: Did you get COVID-19? You may only have 90 days to stay immune

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Nancy attempts a military coup, only one outlet covers it, and they bury the lead


Dr. Birx is an elitist hack who doesn’t believe her own rhetoric


Surprise! Biden has ties to 5 major tech companies


National Teacher of the Year Suggests Mitch McConnell’s Neighbors Attack Him


World Health Organization Pledges Not to Find ‘Guilty’ Party in Probe of COVID-19 in China


Facebook Deletes 1.7 Million Member Group ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’


Rep. Cleaver ends opening prayer for new Congress: ‘Amen and awoman’


You can now get a citation for being the wrong person beat up by police


Poetry Corner

Wolf Zygote returns with another groovy rhyme for the modern time, baby…

The Jimbo Snaps

Jim’s Dear John Letter to the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Florida Man

Florida man seen holding lectern in viral photo has been arrested


Florida man clad only in underwear stole mail, attacked homeowner, police say


Florida Woman Throws Bucket of Feces on Elderly Landlord: Deputies


Not Kidding Around: Woman Sues for Paternity Test on Goats


Wine of the Week:

Clos du Bois 2018 Pinot Noir. It was just aiight. The label says it is best paired with a pork or bacon dish…uh…

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