Commander in Thief

“My mother always used to say, “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.” – Betty White (turns 99 today)

Happy birthday to James Earl Jones, as well!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Betty White says she will spend her 99th birthday feeding two ducks who visit her “every day”


Dog stolen last summer finally reunited with owners in tear-jerking footage


Christmas is an attitude: Florida man becomes ‘Elf On The Shelf’ to spark joy amid the pandemic


Two officers push unconscious teen driver to safety in ‘miracle’ rescue


The Last Known Swinhoe’s Turtle on Earth Was Alone Until This Female Was Found – Researchers Hope for Babies


Deer rescued with head stuck in bird feeder


Man who forgot Bitcoin password accepts fate


Stunning Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Miners in Uruguay – And it’s Now For Sale


These Women Have Been Penpals for 70 Years, Forging a True Friendship From 10,000 Miles Away


Jogger Smashes Ice To Rescue Dog, Then Continues His Run


The Shopping Cart Theory


Man On A Walk Shares The Hilarious Sign Someone Posted About Their Cat


Our Newest Sponsor

Pelosi Gourmet Ice Cream!

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Brian Stelter interviews a techno-fascist

Store guard charged after dragging customer out of Manassas Chipotle

When they do it, it’s the norm. When it goes the other way, it’s news

‘Biden Voters Keep Out’: Cigar Shop Owner Puts Shocking, Divisive Political Sign In Store Window

He’ll be online soon – order some cigars!

Well, they’ve already kicked off all Trump supporters, Republicans, and Independents – who’s left?

Facebook sees increase in calls for violence 


Joe’s Inauguration

Our newest sketch predicts a strange outcome.


News that is Actually Happening

Chuck U Farley presents Very Ironic Things.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Phil Spector Dead…meh…


Muh Fake Rona

Peer Reviewed Study Shows COVID Lockdowns Have No Benefits Compared to Voluntary Measures


R.I.: Doctor deliberately exposed staff, patients to virus


Armed intruder bursts into dogs’ shelter with bizarre request to owners


Absolutely NO evidence

Woman Arrested For Alleged Election Fraud, Illegal Voting In Texas

Deadly Capitol raid would have still happened without Parler — but not without Facebook


Wine of the Week

14 Hands wines have always found favor in our household, and this one we tried for the first time tonight is no exception. This robust red blend kicks things off with aromas of spice and cedar, leading to flavors of cola and cherry. A lighter oak regimen shows off the wine’s unique characteristics, including lively acidity and a dramatic enduring finish.







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