Impeach Him Harder!

Welcome to the show.

While Melanie mends from recent surgery, we bring on our friend Nick Pierce as a co-host! He hosts “Are You Ready” and “Barefoot United” on Spreaker every Friday night at 7 Pacific-check him out!

Welcome to the New Abnormal

A beautiful story worthy of old Vegas:

Reddit, Gamestop, and hedge funds

HR 127-bad news for gun owners!

I can’t stop crying.

WHO holds info until after His Rambling Snifftest is installed

4 masks. No, really.

They honestly believe we’re morons

Flu Is Now ‘Almost Completely Wiped Out’, Experts Say

U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans’ DNA

Did he or didn’t he?

Interviews to the Max

Max’s surprise birthday interview for Dad goes wrong, and yet Max makes it right (as usual).

News of the Weird and wonderful

‘Doctor Doolittle’ returned to Canadian library was 82 years overdue

The AOC Store

Selling you stuff, because, like, capitalism’s bad!

Florida Man

A Florida Man who did nothing wrong, but still is an example of our broken system.

Boca man bids farewell to $2M comic book collection after it was stolen, then recovered

What’s worse, being ‘lame’ or being locked up?

Sports Update

The result of a recent ruling by the Dodder-er in Chief.

Wine of the Week










Robert Akiyoshi has never disappointed us. His 2019 Red Blend is one of the mellowest and balanced blends we have encountered. This versatile wine can be enjoyed before, during, and after dinner.

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