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RIP Screech, Captain von Trapp, and the Midnight Train to Georgia


Dustin Diamond was diagnosed in mid January with stage four cancer and died on February 1.


Christopher Plummer, the award-winning actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film “The Sound of Music” and at 82 became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history.


Jim Weatherly, country artist and Songwriters Hall of Fame member best known for penning “Midnight Train to Georgia,” dies at 77

Honorary Florida (Wo)men

Woman who went viral for using Gorilla Glue in hair gets treatment at hospital

Las Vegas woman sent to prison for fatally running over nail salon manager

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening

Chuck returns with more news that is stranger than fiction,.

Fight it!

10 ways to fight back against woke culture

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Based on a true story..I f they treat you right, its Axi Dental.


News of the Weird and wonderful

Minnesota teacher with cancer continues virtual classes, even during chemotherapy


Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Drug Company is Producing Low-Cost Generic Drugs Cutting 90% of the Markup


Community Pulls Together to Restore House so 94-Year-old WWII Vet Can Go Home


When COVID arrived, Minneapolis neighbors stepped outside to sing — 300 nights later, they’re still singing


Crews remove 100-year-old explosives discovered at historic railroad in Huntingdon County


Starts out weird, gets awful, turns wonderful

They Asked for PPE and Got Body Bags Instead


Little free sled libraries pop up at Muskegon parks


Bloke spends hours feeling sorry for ‘bird injured by cat’ – then realises big mistake


Golden retriever ‘gives owner heart attack’ after eating red fruit and falling asleep


Welcome to the New Abnormal


It’s not enough to steal the election. They have to brag about it.

The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the election


Good Lord, we’ve got pure feudalism now!

Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments


Let’s talk about the Ceasar Chavez bust in Biden’s office


Fire up those kids cages!


Literary agent fired for having an account on Gab and Parler


The above story is going to lead to more scenes like this one as they come for all the other amendments

Police aided bounty hunters who held pregnant woman, toddler at gunpoint


These are the type of entitled brats that are happy to vote in Kamala and bring on the military-run government

Trio arrested after demanding Framingham police shovel their car out of snow


More entitled bratdom – first fined, then not because…party…

GOP Reps. Gohmert and Clyde fined $5K for bypassing House metal detectors

GOP pols want Pelosi to pay $5K for ignoring her own metal detector rules in Capitol


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

It’s not enough for us to have their fake president installed. No. It won’t be enough until China gives it all to us right up the…

COVID Anal Swabs for Beijing Residents More Accurate


Speaking of taking it up the rear — Seattle man is the New Florida Man

Man arrested after allegedly injecting people with fake COVID-19 vaccine


LOL, if you can’t stick up their wazus, try the other side

Phoenix Police Department trophy celebrates shooting man in groin during protests


Couple Accused Of Ferris Wheel Sex Act Caught Again Having Sex And Urinating In Public


Wine of the Week.

This weeks wine is one of our “Angel Wines” that we purchased through Click on our support link to find out more about how you can support small businesses and have some of the best wines at a killer price.

This wine, Cellar Cru 2019 Red, is one of the most balanced wines we have ever had. Fine on its own, but can be paired with a beef or pasta meal with a tomato-based sauce. This one is going to be a perennial in our cellar.

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