Cupid and Stupids


Welcome to the Show.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ll be reliving our first, celebrating our current, and sharing good stories of others. We’ll discuss the silliness that is our government, the New Normal, and, if we have time after all of that, Florida Man! Plus, tonight’s special “Wine of the Week” recipe. (Hint: it’s not wine)


News of the Weird and wonderful

I don’t care if this is an old story — it’s absolute PROOF of spirit animals

Boozy feral pig steals beer, gets drunk and starts fight with a cow


This Dude Built a Guitar Out of His Dead Uncle’s Skeleton


Phoenix man receives kidney 23 years after donating one


This City In Utah Is Accepting Food Donations To Pay Parking Tickets

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Imagine being so powerful that you can literally ban the truth

Twitter permanently suspends Project Veritas account


Academia involved in helping commies take over the world? Say it isn’t so!

Hundreds of UK academics investigated over weapons links to China


Oh, wait, so NOW it’s no longer a conspiracy theory?

Using Vitamin D as coronavirus treatment reduces deaths by 60 per cent, study claims


Sisolak begins to open up Nevada, relaxes gathering limits


Because beating someone and dragging them out by their hair is proper social distancing…

Woman dragged out of Chattanooga bar for not wearing mask

A “She’s So Phrytzie” Special Short

“Da Fritz” likes to bring her Daddy presents. BLAH!


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Honorary Florida Man?

Man swallows AirPod while sleeping, does not realize it

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening

Chuck continues his stories that are stupider than fiction, courtesy of your friendly local government-media complex.


“Wine” of the Week!

For Valentine’s Day, Jim honored Melanie’s wish for something different. So in addition to treating her to a massage session at Costa del Sur Spa (ask for Melissa), Jim grabbed all the makings for…Buttery Nipples!

These delectable shots are quite easy to make: equal parts Vodka (we used Heroes), Irish Cream (we used Carolans), Butterscotch Schnapps (we used DeKuyper Buttershots), and Kahlua (we used Kahlua).

BTW, Jim didn’t go empty-handed this Valentine’s Day. He was treated to a bouquet of flower-shaped beef jerky treats from Manly Man. Om nom nom nom! This is the best jerky Jim has ever had…and came in a metal tumbler with the Manly Man logo on it, which Jim uses for drinking coffee (in a manly way, of course).

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