Wake up from your COVID dream

It. Is. NOT. A. Vaccine.


Basic science — it’s honestly, literally, basic 11th grade biology. It’s a treatment. It is not a vaccine.


You can find cartoons explaining mRNA. You can look up the definition of vaccine pretty much anywhere. They are pandering to the uneducated, weak-minded, and fearful. Why do they need so much propaganda for something deemed “safe and effective?” How can they call it “effective,” yet say you’ll still have to social distance and wear masks even after getting it?


They “cancel” anyone telling the truth. Why? What are they afraid of? The best antiseptic for falsities is sunlight. They’d rather block out the sun than let you hear a different view.


So many of you belittle me and others for asking these questions — how weak must your position be that you have to censor those who question it?


You won’t listen to doctors, scientists, and teachers who disagree with the propaganda, but you’ll listen to POLITICIANS?


Make no mistake, Fauci is a lifelong politician who is raking in $$$ from this whole thing. He helped invent the thing. He says so himself. Look it up. They don’t even try to hide it because they trust that you’re too complacent to bother.


Who else is raking in the dough? Big box, big pharma, big tech — all three of which are in bed with the overreaching government. They’re taking YOUR money and giving it to themselves and our enemies, but I repeat myself.


The WHO changes their guidelines daily, and the CDC has admitted to doctoring numbers to secure funding. Fauci is caught in public without a mask daily and now he wants us to wear two. Cuomo wins an Emmy even as he walks the streets sans-mask and sentences every senior citizen in New York to death. Birx had to step down for her hypocrisy (but who cares, because, OMG! Her scarves!) Anyone in a democrat-run state has seen our governors say one thing and do another when it comes to travel, social distancing, and masks.


You are being gaslit. They do not believe their own rhetoric. They are not afraid, but they want YOU to be.


I understand ignorance due to failure of public schools. I do NOT understand willful ignorance when the truth is in plain sight.


They lied about the origins, both timing and geography. They lied about symptoms. They lied about human transmission. They lied about mortality. They lied about hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, and ventilators. They lied about shutdown durations. They lied about herd immunity. Don’t get me started on masks and decreasing our immune systems.


They’ve gotten it wrong 100% from the beginning. Do you think it was by accident? You propagating their lies is blood on your hands.


“Settled Science” is an oxymoron. Anyone who buys that term has literally ZERO idea what the scientific method is. Believing in “Settled Science” is like being a cheater for fidelity, a socialist for prosperity, or an atheist for Jesus.


These perpetual lockdowns are worse than any pandemic. The “prevention” is worse than the disease. People have lost their livelihoods. Children have fallen way behind both in school and lifelong social development. Seniors are isolated and miserable. The divide is widening. People are dying of suicide, starvation, and now (thanks to wind power) hypothermia.


This is all for an annual flu-like disease with a 99.96+% recovery rate, even among those with comorbidities.


No tinfoil hats needed. Turn off the TV, get off Twitter and Facebook (yes, I recognize the irony), and READ.


Disagree? GOOD! Do your homework before you shrug it off. Elitist, condescending narcissism is what got us here.


Be better.



Just a few sources – most links are archived for consistency

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Why you still need to wear a mask after getting COVID-19 vaccine


Viral Video of Doctors Claiming COVID-19 Cure Censored By Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” ~Louis D. Brandeis

Wow, talk about a condescending headline…even as the article proves the “conspiracy theory.” Watch how they wave that red herring and try to pull you away from the actual story. Follow those links!

Dr Anthony Fauci backed $7.4m funding for controversial Wuhan lab blamed for causing Covid-19 by conspiracy theorists


Dr. Fauci Made the Coronavirus Pandemic Worse by Lying About Masks


Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration: Keynote Address by Anthony S. Fauci

Feb 14, 2017



Amazon doubled its profits last quarter thanks to COVID-related demand


Ooh, they get the kickback from vaccines, too!

Walmart Earnings: COVID-19, E-Commerce, TikTok, And Other Issues


It’s so effective, they want not one, not two, but THREE doses…because they don’t profit from each at all. (Stay tuned for annual 15+ boosters)

Pfizer targets at least 2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses this year, sees $15 billion in 2021 from the shots

CDC Changes COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines Regarding the Second Dose


What’s New in the Guidelines


Snapshots in time…


WHO’s COVID Investigation Confirms Virus Widely Circulating In Wuhan in December 2019


Dr. Birx plans retirement after bending COVID rules with Thanksgiving beach house gathering

These Governors Told Citizens To Stay Home. Then They Broke Their Own COVID Rules

Fact checking Gov. Cuomo’s false claim about Covid-positive patients and nursing homes

NY Governor made “mistake” hiding care home deaths


Scientific method

“Science is organized common sense where many a beautiful theory was killed by an ugly fact.” ~Thomas Huxley


4 Life-Threatening Unintended Consequences of the Lockdowns

A rise in student suicides has pushed the 5th largest US school district to speed up a return to in-person learning

‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms.

Nearly 60 percent of COVID-19 business closures are permanent

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