Fleeing Las Vegas

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Yes. What would have been unthinkable two years ago has become reality. We are leaving this town we love and heading for a new life in Texas soon. Below we enumerate several reasons why. (BTW, we had made the decision to leave even before Texas Gov, Abbott decided to remove the mask mandate, but anyone who really knows us realizes that this doesn’t exactly discourage us from making this move.)

Our guest this week is a double-dipped victim of cancel culture. He was barred by ebay from selling a now-banned Dr. Seuss book by its title based on its offensive material (hint: it involves a street called Mulberry),  while MEIN KAMPF, RULES FOR RADICALS, and other books that advocate racism, violence and overthrow are fully allowed. So he is now  offering it under the title BANNED DR. SEUSS BOOK, which is apparently OK. America 2021…

Happy 365th day of the 14-day lockdown

Threats of a March 4 attack create disruptions but little trouble. Researchers say police overreacted.

Fleeing Las Vegas

NV passes most radical ERA amendment in US that actually REMOVE many rights

Chicopee man died after being punched in Las Vegas

Nevada ‘fraud’: 1,500 ‘dead’ voters, 42,248 voted ‘multiple times,’ RV camps as ‘homes’

Nevada Asks Judge to Reject Claim of Tainted Voter Rolls

Nevada group offered gift cards for voting — and a state agency promoted it

Hilarious fact-check that doesn’t check out

Fact Check: ‘Louder with Crowder’ Video Of Vacant Voter Addresses In Nevada, Michigan Includes Errors, Is NOT Proof Of ‘Mass Voter Fraud’

Speaking of not getting to vote

Nevada governor proposes giving tech firms power to govern

One last reason

Texas gov lifts mask mandate & OKs businesses to operate at 100% capacity


Tonight’s special guest: Donny Eisenbach

While you can still buy Mein Kampf and Rules for Radicals, you cannot buy certain Dr. Seuss books. No…really. A fellow traveler in the New Abnormal, we are joined by an Ebayer who has had enough, Donny Eisenbach!

Screenshot of Ebay taking down listing for Dr. Seuss book

Web site: Facebook.com/Eisenbach
Facebook: Facebook.com/Eisenbach
Twitter: https://twitter.com/donnyeisenbach


Lefties are so bad at boycotting, they can only do it for a week. I’m sure Amazon is shaking in its boots


Wine of the Week

Apothic has been one of our favorite brands for a while. Up until recently, their wines have primarily been blends, so we surprised by this new entry, a straight Merlot. Jim is not crazy about Merlot in general, but based on the general quality of their wine, we decided to give it a try anyway.


For a Merlot, especially in this price range, this is a remarkably good wine. Very plummy and smooth, with a great finish. Feel open to pairing this with a beef or pork dish of your choosing.

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