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Welcome to the show.

Happy Pi Day! We celebrate with Key Lime Pie and Lasanga. (If we say lasagna is a pie, then it’s a pie!) Welcome to another week of fun. Joe Biden’s COVID speech gets the CCW treatment, we introduce a new episode of THE DAY THE MASKS CAME OFF, Chuck gives us more reasons to believe the world has gone nuts, and another new sketch pokes fun at Woke Social Media Posts.

We’ve got to get the hell out of here 

Entire Staff Of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After Democratic Socialist Slate Won Every Seat

The Day the Masks Came Off-What’s That Smell?

LA’s Great Mask Off Jam doesn’t quite go as expected. With a special appearance from Max!




Burger King shows their wokeness in an inverted tweet that did a belly flop


Amazon Changes Logo Icon After Comparisons To Adolf Hitler


Gabriel Iglesias Defends Role As Speedy Gonzales Amid Stereotype Criticism


“black” is now “Black” and “homosexual” is now “gay” because…woke… says so


When the fake news media punks itself

Can Queen be ‘impeached’? Call for monarch’s removal after Meghan and Harry’s ‘racism’ claim in Oprah interview


DeBlastihole’s wife wants you to be Batman 

Joe’s COVID speech

He may let us celebrate Independence Day. Mighty White of you, Resident Biden.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

THIS is why you take to the streets, Seattle. THIS is how it’s done.

500+ Seattle residents lined streets covering 7 blocks yesterday to cheer on Mercy on the day of her last chemo treatment at Seattle Children’s Hosp


From Abby (she’s sent several)

Golden retriever service dog wears PPE to assist human in lab


Armed cock stabs cock in cock at cockfight


Jeep keeps Cherokee name, opens dialogue


Official says China gave US diplomats anal coronavirus swabs ‘in error’


So…where is he keeping the Delorian?

Phoenix man gets 15 years in federal prison for radiological theft


From Max:

Feral cat boards plane, attacks pilot mid-flight


Melanie cannot read this because she will sob like a baby, take it, Jim!

Vietnam Veteran’s Dying Wish Was To See His Beloved Yorkshire Terrier One Last Time


From Abby (She actually used to do this)

Golden retriever pup escapes house and rings doorbell to get back in


For no other reason than the headline

Terry Boot fills the boots of Peter Foot at Shoe Zone after finance boss walked away from the job

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

This is all true stuff. Yeah, we know…We sometimes wonder how Chuck keeps a straight face.

Wine of the Week

Prophecy Pinot Noir 2019…a fine wine which went really well with our Pi day Pie (key lime).

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