Bread, Wine, & Pinwheels

Welcome to the show.

Melanie’s teeth have been delayed Yet Again, but she powers thriugh the show with aplomb. We talk about the latest malarkey with Biden, the Weirdness continues with Chuck reporting, and many of your favorite segments. Let’s get started .

Bongino got Rush’s spot

…absolutely the most perfect choice! Congratulations, Dan!


We’ve got to talk about this condescending prick and the wokeratzi that backs him

I Don’t Want My Wife to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom

California Curriculum Accuses Christians of ‘Theocide,’ Encourages Chanting to Pagan Gods

Literally fired for being white

Amanda Gorman’s white Dutch translator quits over ‘uproar’

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

The incedulous Chuck Farley continues his reports on all things stupid.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Chicago Mayor Surprises Residents With Green River for St. Patrick’s Day

15 years ago a woman found a photo of an unknown family in a used book. Through the power of Twitter, she’s mailing it back to surviving members

8-year-old Wisconsin girl creates charity to help homeless children

Kinda badass

Yo-Yo Ma Gives Surprise Performance at COVID Vaccine Site After Getting Jab

Joe Biden: Agent of Change

Why they feel they need to make a campaign ad AFTER the campagin, we don’t know. But hey, a buck is a buck…

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Here’s a fact-check of Biden’s first prime-time White House address

Speaking of fact-checking, since the Democrats are so dishonest, they assume EVERYONE is corrupt. Now they’re taking down sign language interpreters


Remember when Jordan Peterson was lambasted and fired because they said this would never happen and he was just being an Islamophobe? It’s happening!

Father facing jail for calling daughter ‘she’


So…this is a thing…

Inside the unexpected pleasures of hardcore ‘nussy’ stimulation


Um..yeah – by definition

Evolution is eugenics


A kid brings a bomb to school and “accidentally” detonates it, sending several students and the teacher to the hospital. They find he had “no ill intent.”

Totally buying that rhetoric


This is not terrifying at all

Can Facial Recognition Predict Political Orientation?


As China Tracked Muslims, Alibaba Showed Customers How They Could, Too


But surely only the corrupt China commies would… oh, wait…

China State TV Raps Kohler, BMW for Using Facial Recognition

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Primary warns parents not to wear ‘skimpy’ short skirts on the school run

Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs, Which Is Somewhat Disturbing

Dove saved us all!

Unilever to drop ‘normal’ from beauty product descriptions

Dove Made Bottles Shaped Like Women’s Bodies, And It Didn’t Go Well


I’d like to say this could only happen in Russia, but we know exactly how it’d go down here.

Fury as hero mechanic who beat paedo to death while rescuing two boys from monster’s clutches is convicted of murder



Wine of the Week:

Satis Dei is a collection of wines that feature one of the most beautiful bottles we have ever seen, matched wih exquisite modern art. Could the contents live up to the container? Oh yes it can! We chose the Syrah/Greanche blend, which was positively deightful. Fruity, but mild, with a very pleasant finish. This would make an excellent pre-dinner wine.

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