Totally NOT Propaganda!

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.

This might be us

Meet the introverts who are dreading a return to normal

What the actual F*

Video of Virginia Cops Arresting Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario Watched 9 Million Times


News of the Weird and Wonderful


From Abby:

Update on the purple unicorn thief doggie!


Fog-Catching Towers Could Supply Water to the World’s Driest Megacity Using The Ocean Air


David Hogg learns life is hard, quits ‘very real’ pillow fight with My Pillow before first batch rolls off line


From Maizie, the Airport doggy:

Two Dogs Rescued From the Streets Now Live Their Best Life on the Road—Seeing the Sites of Europe


From Max:

Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Cat Who’d Been Missing For Four Years


Phrtyzie mentioned this one – she says the pictures are phenomenal!

California Communities Rally To Save Animals Caught In Wildfires


This is truly Bizarre, but Melanie’s Irish…so…

Powdered bones are keeping Solar Orbiter cool thanks to an Irish startup


Weird how they did it, wonderful that the guy will finally face justice.

Investigators used DNA taken from an airline passenger’s water bottle to ARREST him for a 1985 cold case murder featured on Unsolved Mysteries


Mélanie might finally have a reason to want to visit Hell.

Disney’s Latest Snack Is a Fried Pickle Corn Dog Served with Peanut Butter


Super Duper!

Superman’s 1938 first appearance sells for a record $3.25M


Wine of the Week:

Grand Marnier Margaritas

Tequila reposado – aged so it doesn’t have that “tequila burn”


Slide a lime around the top of the glasses; reem in salt


For a pitcher:

1 1/2 cups tequila

1 cup Cointreau

1 cup lime juice

3 handfuls ice


Shake ingredients, pour, then float a shot of Grand Marnier on top

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