Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Totally Not-Propaganda Edition— CCW News 04-18-2021

James O’Keefe announces TWITTER DEFAMATION LAWSUIT with Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon LIVE on Sean Hannity

People on the Caribbean island where a volcano went off are being evacuated on cruise ships – but not without a COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

Reporters seen scolding police chief for using the word ‘riot’ to describe violence that broke out in Minneapolis suburb

“I’m a street fighter”: Nancy Pelosi says she could have fought Capitol rioters

Mark Dice: Brian Stelter Became the Laughing Stock of America After Saying This…

Biden hits Russia with sanctions, declares ‘national emergency’ in sweeping response to SolarWinds hack, election interference

Biden on refugee cap: ‘We couldn’t do two things at once’

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