Rick Rolled

Oh, my mask! Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go…

Jim Goes to Albertsons

I didn’t wear a mask at the grocery store today. Not an intentional nose-thumbing at the Establishment. I simply forgot to put one on, as I have STILL not been conditioned to automatically do it yet. I literally have to remind myself about putting one on, every single time. My distractions over our impending move to another state culminated in being halfway through my excursion when I realized my “error.” But then I looked around. While we were still in the minority, there were still a goodly number of us not wearing them.  Maybe my fellow “rebels” had been vaccinated. Maybe, like me, they were forgetful. Maybe they’ve decided that we’ve been misled from the beginning. Still others may have been saying, “it’s been over a year, Enough is ENOUGH!” Ar any rate, we are (too slowly, IMHO) going back to normal. It is a good thing.


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Milwaukee bakery burglary: Suspect charged, likeness seen on cookies


Las Vegas strip club offering COVID-19 vaccines


Scientists have solved the mystery of where baby sea turtles go after they hatch


Max sent this with a shaking paws

You’re Supposed to Be Comforted by This Faceless Robotic Vibrating Cat, Not Horrified


Once again, cheese makes the world a better place

Block of Stilton cheese led to the downfall of EncroChat drug dealer


The New Big 5: An Endangered Wildlife List For Travelers



94-Year-old Wins Medal of Honor 70 Years After Heroism, Making Him One of the Most Decorated Soldiers in US History


Cyclist dive-bombed by hawk on California road


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Thanks, BIDEN.

If you’re prepping the pool for summer or craving chicken wings, you might be out of luck


I will not live in the box.

I will not wear the mask.

I will not eat the bugs.

U.S. cicada invasion excites food enthusiasts


Wanna know why we’re moving?


Assemblywoman Barred From Voting for Mask Violation


IT BEGINS: Fully Vaccinated People in Oregon Must Show Proof of Vaccination Status in Order to Enter Businesses Without a Mask


Ohio’s COVID vaccine lottery registration opens: How to enter the $1 million Vax-a-Million drawings


‘Socialist’ AOC slammed as a hypocrite for parking ‘her $59k Tesla ILLEGALLY’ behind DC Whole Foods


The Ontario government is enticing children with promises of free ice cream to get the experimental COVID-19 shot without parental consent.


Police arrest unmasked attendee as maskless group shows up at Timberlane school meeting


Another Fauci Lie About Masks and the COVID Vaccine Comes Back to Bite Him


Justifying the passports

New mask rules trust Americans will be honest about vaccine status. Experts say they’ll lie.


Students feeling ripped off by remote learning are suing. Universities are pointing to the fine print.


There Are Three Dead Guys In The Chevy’: Neo-Nazi Arrested After Dumping 3 Bodies At Parking Lot


Agent Orange vs. Nancy’s Laptop

He goes overboard. Again. No, really….

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

American Airlines Flight From Tokyo Diverts to Seattle After Passenger’s Phone Charger Stops Working


Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue Returns To Palm Springs, But Its Backside Faces Backlash


The Police Dog Who Cried Drugs at Every Traffic Stop


The Barnzini Saga, Part One

Our beloved cat, the late, great Junior Barnes, finally gets an appearance on our show as “Don Barnzini.”  In the first episode, Mafia boss Don Coronary is about to retire, and is considering his caporegime Barnzini as a replacement. Barnzini is given an important assignment to prove he can do the job. Can he pull it off? Listen and find out!


Wine of the Week

Stella Rosa Black was our Wine of the Week, an Italian wine to concide with our new BARNZINI sketch. It is a low alcohol carbonated wine which Melanie “fortified” with Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka. Now we’re talking! By itself, it was little more than a rmildly efreshing, desserty drink.

Viola Rosa Black wine

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