Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News 2021 May 16 2021


Antifa rioters go wild in Portland for May Day protests despite mayor pledging to ‘unmask’ the anarchist mobs

Colonial Pipeline attack: A ‘wake up call’ about the threat of ransomware

Lindsey Graham Calls Out Biden on Colonial Pipeline Hack Response: ‘Weak’

Colonial Pipeline paid a $5M ransom – but will that only invite other malware hacks?: ‘If the payments stop, the attacks will stop’

Colonial Pipeline hackers DarkSide have lost control of money, will shut down

Gretchen Whitmer orders Canadian company to shut down oil pipeline despite widespread fuel shortages

SNL offers cast members a ‘safe space’ if they’re too triggered to perform with Elon Musk

Elon Musk Is $20 Billion Poorer Since Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Twitter blue checker wishes for Elon Musk to burn to death in a Tesla after SNL ‘white power’ hand gesture


Introducing the New ‘New Warriors’

Canceled or..? The eight 2020 Marvel titles that never came out – and the latest

Prince Harry Rains Fire On Joe Rogan Over His Dangerous Vaccination Remarks: ‘Stay Out Of It’

Dunkin’ customer died after employee punched him

Ellen DeGeneres quits show: How she went from the ‘Be Kind’ Queen to claims of bullying and toxic culture

124 retired generals and admirals question Biden’s mental health


‘A great day for America,’ Biden says, touting CDC’s eased mask guidance

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