2021 Memorial Day Special

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.


Memorial Day – thank you to all those whose loved ones served and died so that we have the freedom to do this show





News of the Weird and Wonderful

$100 Disneyland sandwich ranks as one of the world’s most expensive


Ever notice that those suffering the most from TDS tend to be a certain “type?”

How a Facebook death threat against Trump sent a Kansas man to prison for child porn


Convenience store owner finds trashed $1M lottery ticket, gives it back to customer


Oh. He’s “docile.” Well, then…

‘Very docile’ alligator missing from Wisconsin zoo


Max approves 100%

Cats at work: US city uses 1,000 feral felines to fight rats



California cafe charges customers wearing masks $5


Five rural counties in liberal Oregon vote in favor of leaving state for more conservative Idaho


Texans can buy beer, wine at 10 a.m. on Sunday, starting Sept. 1

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Welcome to the New Abnormal

I guess we have forgotten what Punk means

Florida punk show is $18 with proof of vaccination, $1,000 without


The Jimbo Snaps

Globe Theatre launches project to rid Shakespeare’s famous plays of ‘problematic racialised dynamics’ that link whiteness to beauty


Introducing the “AmaZen” booth, a box designed for convenient, on-site worker breakdowns


‘Lacey Shorts’ want to be the new men’s fashion trend this summer


Columbia Prep students and parents reel after class on ‘porn literacy’


Dock Street Brewery named one of their beers after Kamala Harris. Because people just LOVE a good dose of propaganda with their booze.



They say “unrelated illness” but DON’T say what it was. Hmmmm…

First man to get jab William Shakespeare dies of unrelated illness

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Barefooters nightmare

LEGO Pieces Routinely Wash Ashore at UK Beach


Car bursts into flames when smoking driver uses hand sanitizer


Fans leave Las Vegas Aviators home opener with itchy skin


Wedding proposal on gondola boat on Las Vegas Strip goes wrong


For the Washoe Tribe of Lake Tahoe, a sundown siren is a ‘living piece of historical trauma’


Woman claims a man gave her a car in exchange for sex in Mesa


79-year-old woman accused of embezzling money from NC church


Devastating mouse plague claims a family’s HOUSE as swarm of rodents chew through wiring to spark a huge fire which burned the home to the ground


Big Candy Is Angry at Look-Alike THC Treats


Chicago PD Oversight Says Officers Racked Up 100 Misconduct Allegations During A Single Wrong Address Raid


“After she gave him her number….Um…WHAT?

British Officer Found Guilty of Misconduct Against Jogger Keeps Job


Wine of the Week

Angry Balls! A lovely concoction consisting of Angry Orchard (or any hard cider, really-we prefer their Green Apple when we can find it) and a shot of Fireball (no alternative, got it? LOL) A refreshing summer drink.

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