Five year anniversary

5th Anniversary & last cast from Las Vegas

Welcome to the show!

We have been unexpectedly delayed, so we have a special live show commemortating 5 years of information and enterttainment! Our next live show will be from the Lone Star State!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

A Humpback Whale Almost Accidentally Swallowed a Human

Airplane discovered at the bottom of a California lake could be from 1965 crash

How abandoned strip mines are being rescued by a field of sweet-smelling purple plants


Welcome to the New Abnormal

…so this is a thing…

There are not enough levels of WRONG for this!

Washington state’s ‘joints for jabs’ vaccine program falling flat

…because sacrilege is the new black…

Play featuring Jesus as transgender to be performed in Belfast

Why we LITERALLY NEVER use Vice as a source

VICE is now disabling and WaybackMachine because they think right wing sites are using it to discredit them… Huh?

AOC Rejects $100,000 Raised By Conservatives Trying To Help Out Her ‘Abuela’

Katt Williams: ‘There’s No Cancel Culture,’ Comedy Needs ‘Speed Limit’ and Road Shoulders

After her arrest, she found her explicit photos sent to a strange number. A state trooper answered the line.

Americans are buying lipstick and condoms. Here’s how bars are prepping for a big summer


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Don’t Kiss Your Chickens, The CDC Says In A Salmonella Warning

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