CCW Greatest Hits

CCW Greatest Hits

Welcome to the show!

5 years, folks! Who’d have thought it? We owe it all to you, our supporters and listeners! As we prepare for our new life in our new home state, tonight we are celebrating 5 years of joy, humor, comedy, tragedy, technical boo-boos, Interviews to the Max, politics, feel-good stories, and so much more.


Five years ago…

We were co-hosting a show with a friend of ours on a different platform. Another host on this network decided they wanted to cut their 3-hour time slot in half, and we were offwred an opportunity toi host the second half. The 90 minute version of CounterCultureWISE began! We celebrate by replaying our opening segment, vomplete with MST3K-style commentary. We also review some of our best (and a few of our worst) moments.

Dog Abby!

We replay the very first Dog Abby, and a new one for contrast.

Interviews to the Max

We begin with Max’s very first interview, and then…of the many segments hosted by our intrepid interviewer, we (incuding Max himself) find this one to be the most incisive, the funniest, and overall best interview Max has done so far.

As a bonus we include our first parody of CNN, “The Cuck News Network.”

Starcucks and Pizza Gate

We play a couple of our favorite sketches, featuring our friends from the Las Vegas Improvisation Players

She’s so Phrytzie

We replay the classic first episode of our sitcom featuring America’s Sweetheart.


A long-forgotten sketch parodying a real left-wing get-together.

Why we can’t have nice things

Holy Crap, this is actually happening

Chuck never sleeps! He regales us with all-new tales of courruption, tyranny, and general stupidity.


The Aliens

Of all Jim’s sketches, this is the one he is proudest of,


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