7-11 slurpees

7-11 Free Slurpees

Welcome to the show!

This will be (Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise) our final show from a motel room. We are moving into our new studio this week! (Oh and yeah, a new home to go with it.) But tonight, we celebrate 7/11!


HOLY CRAP, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck gives us the latest…and winds up getting a little more peeved than usual.


News of the Weird and Wonderful


German Shepherd Saves The Life Of A 90-Year-Old Woman Lost In The Woods


The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Totally Awesome – the Original Trapper Keeper is Back for the 2021 School Year


This is why toilets need lights

Man bitten by neighbor’s escaped python while sitting on the toilet


Tyson finds that feeding their roosters soy backfires

Chickens are in short supply. Blame Tyson’s roosters


Woman secretly takes picture showing how cop treats kid after an accident and it goes viral


Couple Shares The Spotlight With Shelter Dogs At Their Wedding To Encourage Adoption


I still haven’t figured out what he did wrong.

Iowa man arrested for rifle in lakefront hotel room proposes to girlfriend after release on bond


We said WEIRD and wonderful…

6,000 illegally imported eyelashes seized at New Orleans airport


OH NO! Omaha Police looking for ‘Kool-Aid man’ vandals


The people’s reaction makes you believe in human kindness again…

Carnival ride at National Cherry Festival shut down early due to apparent problem


This Doctor Has Been Showing Up After Weddings To Bring Back Flowers To Patients


I’m not crying, you are.

A Drug Addict Stole His Dog, So He Offered To Pay For Her Treatment


Teen Raises $39,000 For Children With Cancer By Cutting Afro


Cows are being touted as the latest solution to plastic pollution


A Bathroom Chat Led To Two Coworkers Saving Each Other’s Husbands


Precious Rainforests Are Being Preserved at Highest Rate in 30 Years, After Palm Oil Moratorium in Indonesia


On this day in 1975-Fleetwood Mac’s classic self-titled album released


Our Newest Ads

From CCW Labs-intronducing Enufidis!

Goggle-protecting you from the truth since 1998!

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Illinois Congresswoman Says ‘Hitler Was Right on One Thing’


Ex-Calif. Sec. of State Conspired With Twitter to Silence Critics, Secure His Path to the Senate


Columbus judge is adding a new term to defendants’ probation: Get your COVID shot


After $5.1M book deal, Cuomo calls pandemic ‘tremendous personal benefit’


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Judge rejected woman’s request to save pet before Florida condo razed


Every. Single. Person. Who. Did. This. Needs. To. Be. Punished.

In California, dogs fill shelters as pandemic lockdowns ease


French treasure hunter sues Forrest Fenn’s estate, claimed Fenn moved his loot


Teacher Sentenced to Prison After Having Sex with 2 Students, Then Claiming She Had Right to Do So

Florida Man, 7-11 Edition

Florida man assaults 7-11 customer with jar of salsa before stealing a Choco Taco


SeaWorld Orlando announces free beer this summer (yes, really)


Florida man finds a second megalodon tooth in three weeks


Florida man throws baby after vehicle chase


Joe Jonas’s hand kept arriving in Florida man’s mail, and he doesn’t know why


Bus Driver Accused of Giving Student ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Book He Wrote About Sex Abuse


Florida man attacked 2 people with tire iron, stabbed woman with nail file, leaves shoes as calling card


Florida man finds $1 million Powerball ticket while cleaning his house


Investigate all things Skunk Ape at the Great Florida Bigfoot Conference this summer in Lakeland


Wine of the Week: Slurpees!

We laid off the sauce this week in favor of an American classic: The Slurpee! (In honor of it beng 7/11, if course.) Melanie had Mountain Dew Watermelon, Jim had sugr free lemonade. Yum!


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