Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News 07-18-2021

It’s all about fair elections edition, July 18, 2021



Yellen sees ‘several more months of rapid inflation’ before easing, worries about housing impact


FBI Twitter request to report friends, family for ‘suspicious behaviors’ doesn’t end well


Texas Democrats are on a desperate mission to stop GOP voting bills

3 Texas Democrats in Washington, D.C. test positive for COVID-19


Black Caucus Chair arrested during protest in Capitol complex


Mom Says School Board Threatened to Sue Her for Seeking Public Information on Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

Savastano leaves school district, Markey resigns




WH’s Psaki: “We’re Flagging Problematic Posts For Facebook That Spread Disinformation”

Facebook removes factual COVID post from Candace Owens because they don’t like her ‘context’


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