Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News July 25, 2021

Texas Dems slammed for ‘superspreader’ trip as Biden, Pelosi aides catch COVID

Texas Dem who skirted votes on maskless DC flight says Texas needs ‘universal mask-wearing’

Governor Sisolak issues statement on Clark County mask mandate

Essential California: The mask mandate is back in L.A.


Dem Lawmaker Claims He Was Pulled Over for ‘Driving While Black’ — Body Cam Footage Blows His Story Wide Open



Obama ethics chief blasts Biden WH ‘blind spot’ over Hunter Biden meeting with potential art buyers

Obama Ethics Chief Smacks Biden Admin For Claim They Have ‘Highest Ethical Standards’ Of Any Admin Ever


It Was a Set-Up: FBI Used at Least 12 Informants in Whitmer Kidnapping Case With Only 6 Defendants

FBI agent in investigation of Whitmer kidnap plot is charged

The FBI Allegedly Used At Least 12 Informants In The Michigan Kidnapping Case


Pentagon contractor investigating ‘extremism,’ says BLM web search raises concerns about White supremacy

She Hates Biden. Some of Her Neighbors Hate the Way She Shows It.


Video: Joe thinks Republicans think Democrats are vampires 

Critics slam Biden for ‘sucking the blood out of kids’ comment after town hall

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