Lots of Wonderful but no Guest

Welcome to the show.

We anticipated a guest on tonight’s show, and Jim had work commitments, so portions of tonight’s show were prerecorded. Everything was working beautifully, until…our scheduled guest pulled out on us…FIVE MINUTES BEFORE HE WAS SCHEDULED TO COME ON, and after we had spent considerable time and energy promoting his appearance. We shouldn’t have to say this, but that is a no-no. He will not be invited back, and all future guest appearances will be pre-recorded. Melanie carried on like a trouper, and put together a show we are proud of.

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Defund the police, but do this first:

2021 Best Looking Cruiser Contest


Olympian Rhys McClenaghan puts so-called anti-sex beds to the test


North Carolina man celebrates turning 95 at the skating rink


Woman raises money for elderly veteran who took delivery job to help repair his roof


Oreo Makes Kid-repellent Packaging For Cookie-crazed Parents


Stinky Bay? Local names added to map to aid coastal rescue


Otterly adorable: Dozy otters hold hands while taking a nap so they don’t drift apart as they sleep 


‘Barney’ eludes capture days after farm escape


South Carolina angler reels in iPhone lost in the water 8 months earlier


Treasure hunters find whiskey that sank into Ontario lake in 1964


Firefighters rescue dog trapped between two concrete walls



Veterinarian Performs Surgery On Tree Frog Less Than 2cm In Length


How The Gift Of A Doll Forever Shaped A Young Girl’s Life


‘Believe In Miracles’: Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle At Her Wedding


Dutch Student Modified His Motorcycle to Run on Methane From a Pond


Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves Get Turned Into Sentences on Computer, Scientists ‘Thrilled’ Beyond Words


Aberdeen family ‘cry happy tears’ after cat that was missing for over two years returns


‘She’s our little hero’: Yorkie fights off coyote, protecting young girl


A 97-year-old Navy veteran wanted to be buried in his uniform. A seamstress put the finishing touches on his dream.

Our New Ad

PryorTron…a new, specialized exercise program.

Welcome to the New Abnormal


NFL warns teams could forfeit games, lose money if Covid outbreaks occur among unvaccinated players


Ratings Nightmare: Fox News, MSNBC Overshadow CNN’s Biden Town Hall


Jeff Bezos Phallic Rocket Ride Lasts Mere Minutes in Space


Opinion piece:

Nolte: ’15 Days to Slow the Spread’ Lie Makes ‘Slippery Slope’ Arguments Great Again


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

State enforcement of years-old raw milk ban blindsides pet food businesses


This is DISGUSTING and these people should be forced to fight to the death

If You See A Cat With Purple Paws, Pick It Up And Take It To The Nearest Shelter. It’s Being Used As Bait


Walrus skull, turkey talon, bobcat skins and 8 firearms among items 2 Americans tried to bring into Canada


Woman claims aunt ‘put a hit’ on grandma as she didn’t want her to attend son’s wedding



Stonehenge may be next UK site to lose world heritage status


Not News of the Weird and Wonderful – more like News of the WTF???

The Internet Goes Off Over Interracial Couple’s Slavery-themed Pre-wedding Photoshoot



Pandemic bottle and can shortage causes alcohol shortage

Florida Man

Florida man in bubble-like vessel washes up on beach


Florida man accidentally shoots himself while pretending to holster gun at bar


Florida man finds woman skinny-dipping in his pool


Florida Man Sentenced For Multiple Drug Trafficking Offenses

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