Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture


The elites have completely dehumanized humanity, and you not only let them, you helped them.

They can call for rape, murder, and even infanticide — but you will pretend with them that you are far worse because you used the pronoun “he” when NOT within earshot of the supposedly offended, but in the presence of a pack of delusional allies who cannot tell the difference.

They lie, cheat, and steal, but when you ask if it’s a good idea to do so, they will accuse YOU of heinous crimes.

They will demand an apology from YOU for aggressions THEY have committed, and then add pressure until they find the weak spot of your psyche. They will force you into submission because they know you have no spine. They know that social pressure is more valid that what is right, what is just, what is truth. They reinvent words to prove it — racism no longer involves judgement based on race, phobic does not involve fear, gender is far removed from sex.

You no longer apologize when we are truly reticent, you only offer trite platitudes to placate the blue-check jackals that froth at the mouth to ruin your families. Oh, they’ll STILL ruin you, your children, your parents, your employer, and anyone else remotely associated with you — they just want to see you prostrate yourself first.

And you do it.

You no longer speak with humor, wit, and scathing social commentary. You now speak in sanitized script, ordained correctness and eggshell precision. You censor yourself in order to speak at all.

You buy that it is right and just and good to twist your words into lies that only they find acceptable.

You bow to the overloads of social media — which have no power but what you give them — and then complain that no one is keeping them in check.

You vote, knowing it has no meaning, then complain about your supposed representatives who have no idea what representation means.

Still, you never run. You never get involved. You simply complain, and bow. Complain, and take a knee.

You clutch your pearls in horror when others wander, invited, into houses that you built. You turn a blind eye when a different set of others burns down those same houses in honor of criminals they have long abandoned.

You celebrate the mentally ill while condemning the sane. You punish the desiring students for those who won’t learn. You demand the innocent pay for the unifflicted.

…all so that they will come for you last, if you are lucky.

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